Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the Interim...

I’m sorry about my absence from my blog. Things in my life have been a variety of crazy put together.

Who KNEW that going on informational interviews would result in me gaining weight!? If you know me, you know that I don’t count calories and I don’t fret about my silhouette. In the past few weeks, I’ve gained weight and I can really blame it on one thing in my life that has changed! My irregular eating schedule combined with informational interviews and the coffee and snacks I intake with them. Alas, I get to meet some incredible women in DC and I only have Emily G. to thank for those connections!!

Another thing that has prevented me from blogging was a super exciting change of pace. My family welcomed its newest generation. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!! I am officially an Aunt to somebody!


I flew back to Japan in hopes that I might make it in time to witness her birth but alas, she was born 2 hours before I arrived at the hospital with all my luggage in tow. Both of them are healthy and are now home. A few days after my sister came home, she and her husband were watching videos that he had taped of her in labor and her screaming alone made me think twice about wanting babies. In the end though, Luna (born on the day of a blue moon) is gorgeous and cuddly and is worth every bit of discomfort that my sister could have experienced. Ok that is just a biased observation by somebody who wasn’t my sister nor a person in the room when she delivered…but anyway, Luna is SUPER DUPER cute with long limbs and fingers. We are speculating as to whether she will become a model, a dancer, a violinist (like her mother)… Oh so many possibilities!

Man these international flights are a drag! 14 hours one way, and 13 another. It was completely worth it to see my family but I really truly detest traveling, especially alone. However, on the way there, after I found out my sister had been admitted to the hospital (her water broke...) and before she was in labor, I wrote Luna a letter that I hope to give to her on her 20th birthday. These flights give me some much needed time to think.

Tonight, I am thinking about the possibilities of life...

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  1. awww baby string beans!!!!! That's adorable!!!! Omg I am just gushing over how cute it is!


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