Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dear 101 bloggy friends (aka followers),

Thanks for reading my blog! It's because of you that I even have the motivation to write as much as I do!  So, in celebration for hitting 100 bloggy friends, Semper Gumby... the Return of Sunshine is hosting a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!! This giveaway ends August 13th!

I want to first thank our contributors!  All of these folks have been so gracious to donate their time and craft to my lovies.  These women RECOGNIZE your sacrifices as a MilGirl and want to thank you! So, in return, please check out their Etsy Stores!

Okilie dokily, on to the fun part! 
Wanna see what you can win and how?


One winner


A gift for my USMC girls!
One winner:


One winner will choose from one of Spiffy Cool's Patriotic Necklaces, with the chain!

There will be FOUR winners for this shop!
Marine Corps
Air Force

SCRABBLE TILE PENDANTS (Chain not included)

from my talented friend Kinsey

There will be 2 winners! (One set of each)

Colors shown might not be the colors of the prize.
Something you or your service member could use in a pinch!

GRAND PRIZE from My Fine Art

12x12 Canvas B&W or Color

Ok so now that you've seen the AMAZING generosity of our sponsors... 
here's how you win the cool prizes!

Please read carefully! 
There will be one set of drawings for Number ONE through FIVE.
There will be a separate selection, for Number SIX.
If you decide to do both, you don't have to repeat step #1 of the requirements!

This giveaway ends August 13th!

For Number ONE through FIVE:

1) Let me know you're my bloggy friend (aka follower) by leaving a comment.
and say you'll comment more (haha, jk about that second part).
2) Comment to say which prize out of ONE through FIVE you'd like.

FOR Number SIX:

1) Let me know you're a bloggy friend (aka follower) by leaving a comment.
2) Blog about this giveaway and include my button.
In that blog, post the picture that you'd want to get printed if you won! 
Tell us why that picture is important to you. Also, make sure to come back and comment to let me know you blogged about it!

This giveaway ends August 13th!

Creamy Crunchy Caramel Apple Dip!

Recipe sharin' time! I "borrowed" this delightful and nummy recipe from my friend Erin who borrowed it from her mom's fraternity parties!

It's CRUNCH time! 
It's so tasty, you won't be able to stop!

Creamy Crunchy Caramel Apple Dip

4 Granny Smith Apples cored and sliced -thinner is best!
1 lemon (or a lemon juice bottle)
8oz Cream Cheese (I like to use the 1/3 less fat CC)
1 container of Caramel apple dip (you can find this in the produce section)
1 bag of crushed Heath (you can find this in the baking section)

Spread the cream cheese onto a plate into a layer so that it's as even as possible. Spread 3 or 4 big spoonfuls of the caramel dip over the cream cheese layer.  Try not to mix the cream cheese layer and the caramel layer.  Sprinkle crushed heath all over the two layers.

Slice and core apples (thick enough to use as chips and thin enough to have enough!). Lightly coat apples in lemon juice so they don't turn brown.
Plate the apples when you're ready to serve it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Next Steps

It's almost time. My 7 month journey is coming to a swift close.  Although I am joyfully counting down, I'm also regretting my joy at the same time.  It's been an interesting time being in Jacksonville, NC - a city by NO means, unless your definition is based upon having big box stores like 2 Walmarts and 2 Lowes...  Anyway, I love this place for one reason. It was my first real opportunity to grow as a MilGirl.  I learned so much just in 7 months about the Marine Corps community, I learned what it means to live in a military town.  It also means that I got to MEET some of my fellow MilGirls, which I have been so fortunate to do.  I also get to meet with a few more before I escape.

Next week is going to be a bit crazy.  I'm not sure I'll have a chance to blog.  I have a roadtrip ahead of me and I'll get keys to our new place on Sunday!  I'll be painting 6 rooms by myself and hoping it looks good.  During the week I get to meet up with three of my bloggy friends, all of whom I love dearly! Then I come trekk back down to pack the rest of my worldly possessions and I'll be caravaning up to the DC area with Dave's folks...

So, if you don't see me for a few days, know that I love you! I'm just busy!

And when I get back, I HOPE that I will find two more "followers" because I really want to throw this darned giveaway for ya!

kisses and hugs,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Trooper in life

Hi everybody, thank you so so so very much for your love and support that you have given me for my post yesterday.  It was overwhelming, however, to find out that about half of them (I got a few facebook messages too), talked about my own bloggy friends' anniversaries.  It gives me chills that statistics show one in four women will experience sexual assault in her life.  That statistic seemed to be plastered all over my comments yesterday.  This is the reason I make myself relive the torture each year. It makes me angry, it makes me remember the pain, it makes me shake.  It also makes me remember that I need to do things, tangible things to make this world a safer place for girls who were like me, girls who were like a lot of you. So thank you. Thank you so much for your honesty and your support.

Anyway, on to the real story I wanted to share! If you haven't heard about them before, Turning Tradgedy into a Love Story is a story about Patrick and Jessica.  Patrick is a soldier who was shot during the Ft. Hood shootings on November 5, 2009.  Jessica is his loving fiancee (I think they are engaged?), who writes about his recovery and the process.  Well, recently she wrote a piece that screamed injustice.  I just want to share.  It's about the minuscule portion of people who send them mail that really tears Jessica down.  I'd love it if you could show her some support too.  She also has an INCREDIBLE story. If you haven't read their blog, it's a wonderful story... I think you should take a looksie!

Read her Sticks and Stones entry!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Darkest Day

I'm not sure that I will keep this post up longer than today. 
It might be too much information for some readers. 

But today is an important anniversary in my life.  Today, July 27, 2010 marks the 9 year anniversary of me being a survivor. Yes, I recognize that there are many uses of the word 'survivor'. For many of us in the military blogging world, surviving an attack from the enemy is considered being a survivor.  For me, it's a similar kind, but the attack was not by bullets, not by RPGs, not by IEDs. 

I was trespassed against by a new friend, somebody I had come to trust.  Alcohol in my bloodstream didn't make it right. My body was violated and taken advantage of. Every year on my anniversary of this horrible memory, I make myself relive it. It's my "tradition" to remember how it felt, how the torture felt, how his suffocating hands felt, how the tears felt.  Even after 9 years I'm shaking. But I've come a long way.

Today, I decided to write this because it's important to me.  Being a survivor isn't a secret.  It's a part of me and about two years ago, I had a moment where I realized that I was liberated from feeling like a victim.  I had become a survivor.  I will tell my story when it's necessary to help others pull themselves out of the misery.  To walk into the sunshine.

This is why Comprehensive Sexual Education (which is based on abstinence education) that promotes accurate medical knowledge, and awareness of sexual assault, abuse and healthy relationships is important to me.  I keep fighting because it's important to me that a girl not have to face her darkest day before she's an adult with the ability to handle it. Not that anybody can handle that kind of misery.

When I went through this, I had no body to talk to. I was ashamed, I felt dirty, I felt used.  When I finally went to college did I feel understood, my story legitimized.  The thing that made me feel accepted was my mentor who listened. That in my way, I could talk through my memory.  Knowing that I had somebody who understood made the difference.

But this blog isn't about dark days, really.  It's about how today, I'm CELEBRATING that I've survived, not only that night but 9 years of my emotions.  I am a survivor. 

If you're a survivor and need help, reach out.  We are here for you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Response to Semper Spouse

*A lot of my Bloggy friends have commented on this issue of Semper Spouse from yesterday and 
I wanted to let you know that I'm SO proud of all of you. All morning since I read it, I was stewing about this because I couldn't fathom why somebody in a place of some authority (even if it's perceived) would say something so irresponsible, so careless. It's taken me this long, after reading all the enraged responses of my fellow bloggy friends to write this somewhat articulate response to the blog that I posted as a comment...*

I read this blog post this morning and I haven't been able to articulate my anger until now.  I was so excited when I found Semper Spouses. I was so excited to be a part of a community that empowers their members as spouses of the Marine Corps, those ranks that I will be joining soon.  Hence the fact that I was SO excited to write a Friday Feature piece.  Instead, I keep reading post after post of "I hate the Marine Corps" over and over and over.  It's your blog and you have a freedom to say what you wish; however, it's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do when you run a blog like yours to try to honor our troops (not just having time with your husband,) and follow the unspoken rules of being a part of this community.  We all have bad days but this is getting a bit excessive. I won't recite what everybody has said about the irresponsibility of your actions.  I think that as bloggers, we ought to be enforcing those of us who don't know why OPSEC is in place. Why we are asked to not utter names or places or movements or times.  We should be gently educating so that those who don't love this country can't take advantage of us. This is a real threat. These are real wars our troops are fighting.  We clearly love this country. Let's do our part to keep it safe.  I hope to see improvements in your blogs soon.

If you haven't read it now: Ah, OPSEC from Semper Spouse

MilGirl Live and Learn: Betsy

Sorry about the late installation of MilGirl Live and Learn today! My Blogger decided to work its own magic and not cooperate! 

Semper Gumby

Here's a blogger I actually know in person! Meet Betsy from Just a Little Something Betsy!  She is a fantastic cook and takes yummy looking pictures for her blog. She also sells cool stuff on Etsy!

Tell us a little about you: I am a housewife/artist originally from New Jersey. I went to college and graduated with a bachelors in Engineering which I used for... 3.5 years or so :-P Maybe I'll use it again someday, but I got burnt out, and have no desire to go back yet. I have an Etsy shop to sell photography that hopefully I can turn into a real business this year/next.

The branch of service: Marine Corps!!

How long have you been together? If you're married, how long did you date? And how long have you been married? We've been together... almost 5 years, and married 3 of them. We dated for 1 year, and were engaged for 8 months (I would have been much happier if we'd done that the other way around- dated 8 months and were engaged a year, but hey - ya get what ya get!)

How did you meet your man? Was it before he decided to sign his life away?: I met my man serving him beer at our college pub. He had a bad day, and I could pour a near-perfect pint of Guiness. It was a match made in heaven (plus, the beer was cheap)!  He was in ROTC (Reserved Officer's Training Corps) at the time - so although he hadn't QUITE signed his life away yet (AKA, didn't sign on the dotted line) he had definitely promised to. We were together for 7 months when he officially signed his life away and as my mom likes to say regularly "Married the Marine Corps"

Is he career military? Considering he deployed to Afghanistan, and while he was there couldn't think of anything better to do when he got out... yea. It's been a bit of a roller coaster decision (In college it was "20 years", after the first school it was "6 years max", after the second school it was "4 years and I'm out!", after reaching the fleet it was "at least 6 years", and then after deployment it went to "20+")

How did you initially feel about him being in the military?: I was amazingly comfortable with it. I wasn't EXCITED, but I was in love and oblivious to what it would really MEAN and blissfully ignorant... and totally ready to follow him wherever he went for the next 20 years. (We'd agreed at the onset that I'd follow him for 20 if he followed me for the next 20 - HA!)

What attracted you to him? Was it the uniform?: It wasn't the uniform - in fact, I'd had a pretty strict "No Military" rule up until him. But his big goofy grin and plaid shirts somehow managed to suck me in, and I couldn't be happier. Although, I DO love the uniform, especially when I can prance HIM around my girlfriends back home ;) I say all the time that I fell in love with a guy named Pete, and it just so happens he's a Marine, not the other way around.

How does/did your family feel about him being in the military?: Wary at first. Worried for me. Mostly because no one understood it. Although both my grandfathers had been in the Navy, neither had been married while in the military, so the idea of it was far from concrete. Mom called me a "part time daughter" while we were dating since I went to visit him every chance I got, and therefore wasn't home for all the long weekends and some family events. I don't regret it, and she understands a little more now why it was so important (now SHE'S not home for all the long weekends, cause she's visiting me!) Now however, they're OK with it. They know how MUCH of a Marine he is, how he's ALWAYS BEEN a Marine, and always will be one, and they love him just as much as I do.

Does the sexy uniform (or the sense of pride you feel) make up for the sacrifices you have to make?: The uniform definitely doesn't make up for it, because the REALLY sexy uniform is NOT the one he wears every day, lol. And the amount he complains when he WEARS the really sexy uniform (it's so hot... it's uncomfortable... I can't move my arms... I was measured for this at my smallest!) detracts from the sexiness unless I have earplugs in ;). I'm not sure anything makes up for the sacrifice, but if it wasn't for such a good reason, I wouldn't do it at all.  So I guess in that sense, the pride I have for him and what he does must make up for most of it ;). It definitely helps that he's insanely happy being a Marine.

Have your plans been messed up thanks to the military?: Plans? Not entirely, we've been lucky there. Wishes? Dreams? OH YEA! I had planned a cross country photo trip after graduating college - been saving money for years to take 3 months and explore America doing a photo exposition before I settled into being a numbers girl. All of my best friends graduated college a semester early (damn smarties) so my man and I were going to go. I had a route planned, I had places picked out, but not the finer points and the stuff that actually cost $$. And then... about a month before graduation, we find out that instead of going to school in September like we expected, he's going in June... because a buddy of his begged for an early slot. (P.S. the buddy ended up going in September and didn't miss any opportunities to remind me of how HE got a summer in Europe. PBTHHHH) Needless to say, that trip has been postponed to... retirement? I dunno... We may have broken a few rules along the way, but we've managed to get all the big stuff in. However, this will be our first anniversary TOGETHER this year. 1 out of 3 ain't bad, right?

Does it motivate you as a couple to get married sooner if he is slated to get orders to leave you (go off to training/school, move to a new duty station –PCS, deploy)? Did you elope? YES! In our case, it was a "this is the only time we'll KNOW he'll BE THERE for the wedding" decision. There were 2 weekends we could pull it off, fortunately, one was available at the church! We did not do a justice of the peace marriage first and then our church wedding, but I've had a LOT of friends who have. The benefits you DON'T have before you're married make things VERY difficult.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had received while dating?  You know how women tell you that they had NO idea what childbirth or being a mother REALLY was until they WERE a mother?  The same is true for being a MilGirl (heck, the same is true for just about everything) and it's OK! You can prepare, and know, and understand everything going in, but when you experience your first move, your first deployment, your first ball, your first social, your first anything... things will change and it may be harder than you thought. (and it's OK) Just remember that no matter how hard it gets, you're where you are because you love your service member and he loves you, and all you need is that LOVE to get you through - wherever that may be. Oh, and when it gets hard and people say "you signed up for this" (because... they will) you should NOT punch them in the face like you REALLY want to, but remind them of the childbirth concept. It's the only way I've found to shut people up, and took me 2 years to figure out! :)

Thanks Betsy!

Hey MilGirls, be sure to check out her Etsy store and her blog!

Don't forget about the Giveaway happening soon! <3

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bloggy Love Meet up! Jordan and Nicole

One thing that I LOVE about living in the Camp Lejeune area (yes, you can still love it here!), is that there are SO many people who are bloggers and live in this area! Luckily, I got to meet up with two of my FAVORITE bloggers yesterday! You know Jordan from Southern Hospitality and Nicole from Flip Flops and Combat Boots? They are as wonderful and funny in person as they are in writing!

How funny it was to meet up with the girls that I had been reading about for EVER! I mean, we knew what was going on with each other for a while.  It was comfortable, like we were just falling back into place with old friends! 

I discovered that all along (now that I'm about to move), that Nicole lives less than a mile away from me... Nicole and I trekked down to Wilmington, going over HUGE bumps and killing my car a few times (Sorrrrry SG)!

We went to eat at the Front Street Brewery in Wilmington.  If you've never been and you live around here, it's DELICIOUS!!! We all got Nachos. Nom Nom. All three of us. Nope, we didn't share, we wanted that queso-y, sweet chicken-y Nachos for ourselves. So I ordered one, Jordan ordered one and Nicole ordered one. And the server didn't give us a weird look.

After our delish food, it was difficult for us to decide where to go... but we decided on SHOPPING. But not the kind that you'd think!

We went to Old Time Pottery and HomeGoods! It turns out, all three of us love looking at things that make out homes look super cute!! Have you ever heard of Old Time Pottery? It's AMAZING! It's like a CostCo for home decorating stuff!!

Cuz EVERYBODY needs a Disco Ball!!

Anyway, we had a blast... found things to decorate out homes.
 OMG I love cookbooks with pictures!!

Just a final question: Jordan asked this on her blog but... does anybody know what Litre means?

It was an awesome day of fun and laughs with these girls!! Thanks for hanging out with meeeee! <3

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bright colors!

How do you like the changes around here?

So, I've wanted a blog that was orange for a while. It's my favorite color and when I'm down, I feel like it's a color that picks me up...

"the Return of Sunshine" which is part of my Blog title is because 2009 was a really really really rough year on me and blogging was the way that I built up the courage to become my old happy self again.  In a way, blogging and my Marine saved me.  Your friendships (even through blogging) have saved me. It's like with all the comments and the love I receive on a daily basis have forced the curtains open, let the sunlight shine in to leave no corner of my sad state without brightness. So thank you for being my bloggy friend.  I'm approaching 90 bloggy friends (aka followers), and I want to thank you! That's why I'm working hard on hosting an awesometastic (mmhm I said it) giveaway!

I've wanted to treat my blog better (and not have my awesome button that Karissa from Being a Better Wife designed for me get chopped off), be able to put up awards that my fabulous bloggy friends (I don't like to call you followers...) have bestowed upon me. 

Keep your eyes wide open for this fab giveaway!

I started this when I started journaling 9 years ago (holy moley that's a long time!): I try to think of 3 things that are wonderful, a blessing, or something I can be thankful for in my life --even when life is crappy.  It keeps my life in perspective. Here are my three today. 
  1. For the wonderful bloggy friends I have gained through this process.
  2. My awesome fiancee who just finished cleaning my car - it was a disaster after a roadtrip and massive amounts of sand.
  3. For new beginnings - we are moving in 17 days and this couldn't come at a better time!!
What are your blessings today?

Look what I got (part 2)!!!!

Summer is so good. So So good! It's been humid and about 100 degrees every day for the past two weeks or so when it's not POURING rain...

But my day just got so much better when I got my SECOND package from the Summer Essentials Swapity Swap from lovely JORDAN at Southern Hospitality!  (Side note: She was just the MilGirl yesterday but I did NOT feel the love for her.  People, y'all are slackin on the commenting! If you have any suggestions for what we can do better, please let me know!)

Anywhooooo lovely Jordan sent me all this awesome stuff!! Definitely summer essentials here!! I got so super lucky with my two swaps... did you read about my other swap with the Annoyed Army Wife?

All this stuff is so cool, Lexi had to check-check it out!

The fun stuff includes: 
A pretty reusable grocery (or other use) bag
Sunshine Cocktails book (from which I will be choosing my signature drink for the wedding), 
awesome desert dishes (did she know about my LOVE of frozen treats??), 
Lemongrass & Ginger bath salts for relaxing,  
Citronella trashcan candle (really necessary here in NC because I get eaten alive when I step outside), adorable green earrings (Jordan, did you make these? SO cute!), 
and purple flippie floppies!

Thank you, Jordan!! I can't wait to meet you too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Look what I got!!

So, as many of you know Mrs. Flippy Floppy over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots hosted a Summer Essentials Swap. I was lucky enough to have 2 fab MilGirls to swap with! Here's the first installation of my Summer Essentials!

So thanks to Mrs. Annoyed Army Wife I got this fabulous array of goods!

All this fun stuff! I got Jennifer Weiners Certain Girls, an awesome Guatamalan necklace and earring set (the colors are soooo fun! I wore the earrings all weekend), a bunch of chocolatey treats, a set of royal crown earrings and an American Flag key chain!

I think I got super lucky with my summer essentials! Thank you Annoyed Army Wife! It was awesome to get this in the mail! Thanks Flip Flops and Combat Boots for hosting this awesome event!

MilGirl Live and Learn: Jordan

Semper Gumby

Oh how much I love this week's MilGirl, I cannot even TELL you! She is so fabulous, gorgeous and funny! Oh and it helps that her lover is hunky too!! Please join me in welcoming Jordan from Southern Hospitality!


 OMG they are so stinking cute together, I might just gag. Just kiddin.
No seriously though, don't you think they would make the most absolutely gorgeous children EVER?

Here's Jordan!

Tell us a little about you: I am going to be starting my senior year at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Parks and Recreation.  I would like to work for the MCCS after graduation.

The branch of service: United States Marine Corps…Oorah!

How long have you been together? If you're married, how long did you date? And how long have you been married? We have been dating about a year, but we have talked, and he is planning on putting a ring on it before TBS, we want to be together. Speaking of TBS I guess I need to explain my lover’s situation. Lover will be graduating from Officer Candidate School Seniors this summer and will be commissioned as a Marine next summer after graduation.

How did you meet your man? Was it before he decided to sign his life away?:
Ben and I met on Wrightsville Beach through a mutual friend.  I had another boyfriend at the time, but that was crashing and burning, and was ending anyways. We were going to take it slow, yeah, that never happens. He was very patient with me, and I am so thankful for his persistence, because he truly is my soulmate.

Is he career military? You never know where life will take you, but it has always been his dream to be a Marine. It’s his purpose in life, and I am so thankful he discovered it so young in life. I know his plans are to make the military his career, and we are both looking forward to an exciting life with the military.

How did you initially feel about him being in the military?:
Initially, shoot have you seen those uniforms…um I was like, “sign me up for your team hot stuff.” Now, after completely being head over heels for him, I of course stress out every day about his safety, but I am so proud and blessed to be with such a selfless and honorable man.

What attracted you to him? Was it the uniform?: Well, I didn’t actually see him in his uniform until very recently, but he is so fine, so I knew he would look amazing in it. I fell in love with his personality and loving heart.

How does/did your family feel about him being in the military?: My family adores him. He is so respectful to everyone, so you can’t help but love him. My family is so proud of his sacrifices and accomplishments through the Marine Corps and outside of it.

Does the sexy uniform (or the sense of pride you feel) make up for the sacrifices you have to make?:
This reminds me of the quote…"Never say that someone completes you. We have to feel whole even when we are by ourselves; for needing a certain someone is not love, but dependency. Wanting a person to become part of your life is the best reason for having them. So rather than search for someone who will complete you, wait for the person that will compliment your completeness." Lover is his own person; this is what he has wanted to do his whole life. I just want to compliment his completeness, so his decision to be in the military is his decision and I am there to support because I love him and want to be with him and because I love this country.

Have your plans been messed up thanks to the military?: No, just altered them. At the same time you have to remember, I have not been through the same things other Mil ladies have, yet. Not that I will never bitch in my life, but what in life should be wasted on negative thinking?

Does it motivate you as a couple to get married sooner if he is slated to get orders to leave you (go off to training/school, move to a new duty station –PCS, deploy)? Did you elope?
Yes we're motivated, being separated at OCS has shown both of us that it’s important we are together while he is at TBS. I have always wanted a beautiful wedding, but starting a life with him is more important than a wedding, so we’ll do what we have to.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had received while dating? Well, we're still dating…but I have friends who are married/engaged to servicemen/women and I would have to say you are the company you keep. Drama is not hard to find, in and out of the military, but seriously I have friends who like to engage themselves in drama, and it’s embarrassing. Being married to someone in the military you are representing them and this country, you never know who it reading what you say on ANY social network, just be careful.

Thanks Jordan. Wise words from this week's MilGirl.
I am so excited for you! And I can't wait to meet you!!

Don't forget, if you want to be a MilGirl, 
(or if you want an extra entry for an upcoming giveaway) email me!

Date.a.Marine [at]

Friday, July 16, 2010

SO BUSY randoms!

I have been insanely busy because my bestestestestestestestest has been visiting me (yes, I know in North Carolina) all the way from Seattle!!! But we have been having fun puppy adventures, visiting the beach, etc.  So, you'll see a fuller recap later next week! Here are some random things that I have been itching to share!

1) Do you all know about GROUPON? It's an awesome site where you can find one fabulous deal a day (think 50% off a spa treatment, 45% off that restaurant you've been wanting to try, 55% off a concert!) and you can buy a "groupon" for it.  It works because it's collective buying power.  If a lot of people buy it, it brings notoriety to the group and they can afford to give us awesome rates! Anyway, there are groupon hubs in a LOT of cities around the country and even if it's a bit far away (like Raleigh is 2 hours from us), you can buy a few and wait for the perfect date night to use it for you and your or your girlfriends!

2) This is who is visiting and exhausting my little one. Really it's mutual. They are both pooped!

3) We got an apartment!! Wooooo! We are confirmed to get the apartment that we wanted for when we move back up to the DC area. We are both SO SO stoked! Moving day, here we come! We are going up to DC this weekend (AGAIN) so I won't be blogging. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Favorite day with my favorite Marine!

If you read my blog, you know that I love my Marine! One of the most wonderful times with him happened very soon after he returned to the states from his two year tour in Okinawa. We had just started to "technically" date and we were on a very very special date. We were invited to attend not only one but TWO Presidential Inaugural balls in 2009. (I know, I know but DON'T JUDGE ME!!) It was my first time seeing him in his sexy dress blues! Nothing like finding an excuse to see him in his blues in a crowd of civilian suits... seriously eye candy!

We danced and laughed and had a really awesome and super romantic few nights! A few people came up to take pictures of us at both events because they had never seen anybody in dress blues.  I felt like a celeb! Tee hee.

He beeeeeeeped going through the metal detectors both nights but the guys monitoring them just chatted with him and thanked him for his service.  How nice!

Night Number 1!!

Night Number 2!

I'm not randomly reminiscing about this particular day... although I don't think I've blogged about the Inaugural balls, it's because awesome miss from Flip Flops and Combat Boots has done it again! She has paired up with Perfectly Distressed from Etsy for a wonderful giveaway. Go check it out and enter ... or not so I have a better chance of winning ;) teeehee

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