Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bright colors!

How do you like the changes around here?

So, I've wanted a blog that was orange for a while. It's my favorite color and when I'm down, I feel like it's a color that picks me up...

"the Return of Sunshine" which is part of my Blog title is because 2009 was a really really really rough year on me and blogging was the way that I built up the courage to become my old happy self again.  In a way, blogging and my Marine saved me.  Your friendships (even through blogging) have saved me. It's like with all the comments and the love I receive on a daily basis have forced the curtains open, let the sunlight shine in to leave no corner of my sad state without brightness. So thank you for being my bloggy friend.  I'm approaching 90 bloggy friends (aka followers), and I want to thank you! That's why I'm working hard on hosting an awesometastic (mmhm I said it) giveaway!

I've wanted to treat my blog better (and not have my awesome button that Karissa from Being a Better Wife designed for me get chopped off), be able to put up awards that my fabulous bloggy friends (I don't like to call you followers...) have bestowed upon me. 

Keep your eyes wide open for this fab giveaway!

I started this when I started journaling 9 years ago (holy moley that's a long time!): I try to think of 3 things that are wonderful, a blessing, or something I can be thankful for in my life --even when life is crappy.  It keeps my life in perspective. Here are my three today. 
  1. For the wonderful bloggy friends I have gained through this process.
  2. My awesome fiancee who just finished cleaning my car - it was a disaster after a roadtrip and massive amounts of sand.
  3. For new beginnings - we are moving in 17 days and this couldn't come at a better time!!
What are your blessings today?


  1. 1. My husband being supportive of me esp. right now because I don't have a job

    2. My little girls this week at VBS... I'm so glad they are actually listening and comprehending the stories

    3. Real friends that stick with you through it all

  2. 1. My animals (2 cats and a dog), even though my boy cat is driving me mad with meowing right now.
    2. Crickets. They are very soothing at night when the window is open.
    3. The internet, which has allowed me to glimpse into the lives of others who have gone through or are going through some of the same things that I am.

  3. 1. That I got an extra day to study for my final
    2. The job that's allowed me a second chance to prove myself
    3. My wonderful friends, both real and cyber-world friends!

  4. Oh! And I love the orange!

  5. Hi newest follower! Can't wait to read more! :)

  6. Hey there! I got your comment about writing for each other and I think it would be awesome! Send me an email (I couldn't reply to your comment your email isn't turned on) then we can talk more about it my email is MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com


Your comments bring me sunshine! Thank you. :D

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