Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look what I got (part 2)!!!!

Summer is so good. So So good! It's been humid and about 100 degrees every day for the past two weeks or so when it's not POURING rain...

But my day just got so much better when I got my SECOND package from the Summer Essentials Swapity Swap from lovely JORDAN at Southern Hospitality!  (Side note: She was just the MilGirl yesterday but I did NOT feel the love for her.  People, y'all are slackin on the commenting! If you have any suggestions for what we can do better, please let me know!)

Anywhooooo lovely Jordan sent me all this awesome stuff!! Definitely summer essentials here!! I got so super lucky with my two swaps... did you read about my other swap with the Annoyed Army Wife?

All this stuff is so cool, Lexi had to check-check it out!

The fun stuff includes: 
A pretty reusable grocery (or other use) bag
Sunshine Cocktails book (from which I will be choosing my signature drink for the wedding), 
awesome desert dishes (did she know about my LOVE of frozen treats??), 
Lemongrass & Ginger bath salts for relaxing,  
Citronella trashcan candle (really necessary here in NC because I get eaten alive when I step outside), adorable green earrings (Jordan, did you make these? SO cute!), 
and purple flippie floppies!

Thank you, Jordan!! I can't wait to meet you too!


  1. Whoa! How did you end up with 2 anyway?

  2. yayyyyy! I cannot wait to get your package tomorrow when I get to go to the mailroom. Oh and I am sorry I didn't write a note, I was a little lazy :)


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