Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First in the World Ball

This weekend, Dave and I attended the First in the World ball. Several people asked me why it was so early since the typical birthday ball madness doesn't start until late October to mid November.  My only answer is our operational tempo doesn't allow everybody to be present to celebrate their birthday.  The battalion decided that it would be great to make an opportunity for the Marines and their ladies (there are no women in this unit), to celebrate!!

This year was my second time going and it was amazing because I had lived there, I met people, I went with people I love and generally had a better time.  The dancing was fun too!  Oh and Olympia Flaherty who did our engagement photos was there doing the Ball official photos!

Happy Birthday, Marines (a little early)!!

Here are some lovely pics of us all dolled up.  You know you want to see them!

There was dancing to be had...


Hooray! Next year, I want to find a dress that isn't red!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's the best purchase you've EVER made?

I pose this question to my bloggy friends because I'm truly curious!!

What is the best purchase you have ever made?  
 It can be anything. A well timed cookie, a car, a house... It's also, entirely up to your definition of "best"!

For me, my best (most satisfactory) purchase was my clothing steamer.  When I first started working at the Limited, I learned the joys and amazingness of a clothing steamer.  It's like ironing but without the hassle.  I love it so much! Every morning, I actually enjoy steaming my clothes. It looks like it just came back from the dry cleaners.

So, what is your best purchase? What did this purchase do for you?

Tell me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 8: Somebody who has made your life hell

It's been more than a week since I did Day 7 and I think it's because I've been avoiding this question.  But on a 7 hour drive home from a wonderful weekend in North Carolina, I knew I had figured out who the person was.

It's funny that I had to figure them out. This person was a daily hell just a few years ago.  She represented everything I detested.  And to think that I have gotten past her that I needed a trip down memory lane to remember her existence made me kind of happy.

So, here goes Day 8.

Day 8: Somebody who has made your life hell

In high school, I fell in love for the first time.  It was serious.  For the first time in my life, I made some adult decisions.  I did and said things I thought I was ready for.  I had given my whole heart to a person for the first time and trusted them carelessly with it.  Before the glorious year was over, I found myself on my rear end having been thrown out for a younger, skankier, longer haired version of me. 

Enter girl who made my life hell.  We shall call her V.  She was my younger sister's close friend.  She was just all kinds of trouble.  Well, anyway, my first love made a bad decision and decided to cheat on me with her.  The best part of this is that she is the 15 year old version of a gold digger.  Then, she proceeded to drag my baby sister into a whole lot of trouble.  A whole lot of stuff happened and the tension between us was growing.  Things were way past the 'high school drama' phase.  Local law enforcement was involved and it wasn't pretty.  Anyway, I have never hated anybody more in my life. I don't use the word HATE very lightly.  She and another instance is the only time I use the term. 

It all went down hill when we got in a physical fight.  It was more like a cat fight but I like to say I won because she walked away with a broken nose.  I'm sure she went to my ex and told him how AWFUL I was to her.  Thanks to her, I felt adrenaline kick in for the first time.  It was glorious!

A few years later after that incident, I happened to chat with my ex and he admitted that they broke up because she was absolutely insane and that I was right about her.  I felt so vindicated.

The end.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Own Business


I am excited to announce that my lia sophia 
jewelry business is now launched!  

I had a successful launch party over the weekend and I had such a fun time!  I got lots of free jewelry from this show and I want to extend that offer to my hostesses in the future!!

If you're just interested in seeing the catalog or some of the lia sophia pieces, please jump on over to my lia sophia website!

I am waiting for my starter kit so as soon as I have more, I will take pictures!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 7: Somebody who has made your life worth living

Day 7 of 30 days of truth is tough but at least an up beat question.

Day 7: Somebody who has made your life worth living

I'm sure I'm supposed to be writing about ONE person here but I can't.  I have so many people who have shaped my life and made it what it is now.  They each have, in their own way, made my life worth living.

Obviously, my fiancee. Dave lived through my year of hell.  I cried a lot. I was miserable. I didn't understand how being unemployed and utterly poor could be so detrimental to my health and mental health.  He carried me through one of my hardest times.  I was revived with the return of sunshine in my life.  Besides that, he is one of the most patient and loving people in my support system.  I cherish that of him.

My mentors who have inextricably changed my life. Marla. Emily. Eva. These are the women who saw me through some mucky times. They made each of the situations bearable.  They helped me push myself through things that I didn't want to.  They showed me the truth.  They each advocated for me.  For that I am eternally grateful.

My friends.  Since my family is missing from my life and has been for some time, my chosen family, my friends have been a huge support network for me.  Being connected to my friends makes my life so worthwhile.  I regret not having too many friends in physical proximity but all the friends I do have, they are just a call/text/email away.  I love them to bits and pieces.

My neighbors! This is a new phenomenon in my life.  I wanted to share this and their existence because they have improved the quality of life for my little one.  The pup has been SO happy since we moved here.  My next door neighbor and some others in the vicinity have dogs who love to play with Lexi.  They are their own play group!  I've never really mingled with my neighbors or gotten to know them but I love it.  We're having a neighborhood dinner party in October.  SO exciting!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thinking Halloween

Today, I bought my first pumpkin.  
I also saw the tree on my street starting to turn orange.  
I wore the first scarf of the year. I am burning a pumpkin spice candle.  
All things point to fall... the first stop in fall is HALLOWEEN! 

It's still a month and a half away but I'm thinking ahead!

I found this cute (less scandalous) Halloween costume! What do you think??

Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do

This one makes my skin crawl.

Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do

I hope I never have to take my family to the emergency room.  Emergencies terrify me.  Hospitals that take care of those emergencies terrify me.  I hope and pray that never has to happen so I can avoid it all together.  When I was a child, I never broke any bones, I was never rushed to the hospital, I really didn't have much experience until my sister's temperature peaked to past 104 degrees (when your DNA starts to unravel).  We went to the hospital and the response was frustratingly slow.  She looked so awful, I can't even describe.  She couldn't walk so my mom and I took turns trying to carry her.  The nurses were nicer than the doctors.  I know that if you work in an emergency room you're over loaded and each person who comes in thinks that their case is more important than the next person... but the whole emergency room situation scares me.
More than the fact that Emergency rooms are chaos, it's also one of the situations in which I feel completely helpless.  Like being sued. Like being told you have an incurable disease.  Like trying to understand and work through a bureaucracy.

Thinking about this is completely draining.

Have you started your 30 days of truth? Please leave me a comment with your link. I'd love to start reading!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 5: Something you hope to do in life

Day 5 of 30 days of truth is going to be a pitch for my 1001 in 101 and my ultimate bucket list!!

Day 5: Something you hope to do in life

There are so many things, I have to start with a list...
  1. To become published. This is sort of a fantasy one.  I have no actual plans in how to attain this goal. But it sort of leads me to...
  2. Becoming a PhD.  When my name gets called next to Dave's (with rank,) I don't want to be (hypothetical,) Major and Mrs. P. I want to be able to stand on my own.  Major and Dr. P would be more my style.
  3. I want to get my scuba diving certification! Swimming wit da fisshieees.
  4. I want to get married to Dave. Soon enough!
  5. I'd love to go on a cruise and go to the Caribbean. I keep entering my name for those drawings that they have in random places...
  6. Buy a house. This isn't happening any time soon.
  7. Have babies. 
  8. I'd love to be able to ice skate backwards.
  9. To be somebody's therapist. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later. 
  10. Finish my 1001 in 101. heheheh

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 4: Something you have to forgive somebody for

Just as a warning for people reading this, I'm angry. Not at the person I have to forgive but at a situation.  My friend is in a painful situation and feels trapped and as a friend, all I can offer her is my advice.  I want her to be safe and free of hurt but I can't make decisions for her and that sucks a lot.

PS for those of you reading this... I hope you're enjoying the random self portraits of me. Hehe.

Day 4: Something you have to forgive somebody for

I know you feel that it's in my best interest not to marry a Marine. You're scared that he'd get killed if he got deployed. Well, it's a possibility that I'm scared of too.  But that's what he signed up to do. To protect THIS country.  I love him and I want to support him in that.  Also, it's not a matter of if he'll get deployed, because he will.  It's not just once but during this wretched war, it will be multiple times.  I will start to count the deployments rather than the passing seasons or years.  But this is my choice to support who I will. I forgive you that you make it painfully obvious to me each time the wedding comes up that you ask "are you sure you want to marry him?" I don't take that personally for him because it's not him that you are worried about, it's the uniform, the commitment.

I also forgive you that you aren't active or really willing to help plan the wedding. I forgive you when people ask if you're coming to my dress shopping.  I forgive you when I think about the Bridal Shower that I won't have. I'm not bitter. I have just gotten over the fact that you will not be present in this part of my life.  Wedding planning is absolutely fun. I love it but I wish you were at least part of it.  Maybe you'd vote down things I love, like my dress... so maybe it's good you're not.

I love you, and I appreciate your support when I need it. I recognize that you live across the world.  But that was YOUR choice to leave me. For that I forgive you.  But for making me feel like where you are is my home is wrong. Where I am is where I have desperately carved myself a little hole to call home. 

I forgive you for making me feel this upset before 9 am (It really wasn't all your fault anyway).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3: Something that you have to forgive yourself for

Day 3 of 30 days of truth is a little bit of self loathing...

Day 3: Something that you have to forgive yourself for

I have an ongoing love affair with candy.  I am always snatching up the newest kinds that you might or might not see at the store.  I also like the classics.  The thing I have to forgive myself for is the consumption of candy.  I've gotten better. I don't eat THAT much candy, in comparison to before.  But this eating business has made me gain a lot of weight since 2003 (which is when I graduated high school).  Le Sigh. 

I also have to forgive myself for not playing a lot of sports any more.  In high school, I was cheering, dancing and in the pool for at least 3 hours a day - busting my butt for water polo.  No wonder I was skinnier than I am now! 

This is all well and good but it's not to say that I have low confidence.  I would LIKE to be a smaller number than I am now but I don't obsess.  I work with achievable goals (like my summer challenge, which ultimately failed due to the move), and try to go that way.  On that note, keep your eyes peeled for my wedding shred plans coming soon!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2: Something you Love about yourself

So, I decided a few things... I won't hold myself to following the 30 days during the weekend.  I have some INSANE stuff happening in the next few weeks and I don't want blogging to get stressful.  Let's just say I'll do the best I can, mmk? 

It's so good to be back. You have NO idea.

Day 2: Something you love about yourself.

I love a lot about me... here I go brag brag bragging. I figure it's okay because y'all love me too.
 St. Patty's Day Banger '09

I love that I am an energetic, happy, social person.  I'm not the kind of social butterfly that can only thrive in super social environments.  I have some wonderful, deep relationships which keep me grounded and give me the self confidence to branch out and meet new and wonderful people.  My energy makes uncomfortable moments funny and I can be an icebreaker in a group of new people.  On the flip side, some grumpsters HATE me for this fact because they want everybody around them to be "normal" but really, what's fun about that?

I love the fact that I'm a planner.  If you see my organizer, you'll understand.  (Hmm, maybe I'll do an entry on that sometime...)  I don't miss meetings or events and I am not a procrastinator with school work or work in general.  I'm able to use my time wisely because I schedule myself to do anything from going to the gym to sitting down to relax.

I love the fact that when I didn't know what to blog about, I still kept doing it. I was writing to NOBODY for a good few months but I kept writing in the hopes that my voice would make somebody want to be my bloggy friend.  A whole year later, I've MET 4 of these awesome women and this fact makes me happy. I guess my tenacity in blogging has made me feel this great. Go me. Also, thanks, friends!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 1: Something you Hate about yourself

Today, I'm kicking off the 30 Days of Truth that my bestestestest has been doing.  She says it's harder than it looks and I'm ready for the challenge.  If any of you want to start it, let me know so I can follow along closely with you!!

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself

What a pleasant note to start on...

Anyway, something that I really struggle is organization.  In my professional life, or being organized in paper for school is easy, almost compulsive.  I make sure that my documents are in order and in place.  Very rarely is there a piece of paper out of place or somewhere I can't find it easily.  This extends to my computer and my emails.  I like to be able to find my stuff. 

Where I really struggle is in my life.  Random stuff + lack of time to organize = me.  I'd like to believe that when I have the time (but who does, really), I can make something look nice.  With my busy schedule, I tend to drop things where it's convenient to (usually by the front door) and I think to myself "I'll put it away later."  This statement is the death of me.  I get busier and forget to put things away or other things I dropped later on in the week are piling up.  So, in an attempt to save myself, I start picking things up and get frustrated that I have SO MUCH to put away.  Gaaah!  When you start with disorder, I guess it's hard to put order back into it. 

I guess I just have to kick the habit of dropping stuff and just put it away when I get back.  I will try to say "I'll do that later" less.  Because in the other parts of my life, I am NOT a procrastinator.  MUST BE PROACTIVE.

Thanks 30 days of truth.  I just learned something about myself. I'm going to go fix it now...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Happy Birthday to my blog! Today is the 1 year anniversary of Semper Gumby... the Return of Sunshine!  Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey!

When I started this blog, I was broke, I had just gotten laid off (thanks, recession) from my "first real job" and was absolutely devastated.  I asked my mentor, Emily P., who is an incredible leader and a wonderful human being about her blog (which is FAB) and how she constructs it.  She told me that I would find my voice and that I could make my blog whatever I wanted. It hasn't been exactly the path I expected for myself but I'm so happy with how it has gone - I truly cherish the relationships I have built through my blog!

For the next year, I am setting these goals:
  1. Attend a blog conference or just a gathering of wonderful blog friends.
  2. Learn how to post pictures that look nice and not just straight from my camera.
  3. Get a blog face lift.
  4. Have Dave blog sometime... share feelings, that sort of thing!
  5. Continue to meet more blog friends.  This has been one of the most rewarding things about blogging.
  6. Learn to do cool things with my blog that I keep saying "ooh, I want to have that!"
  7. Read more. Comment more.
  8. Create an award!
  9. Put up and start my 101 for 1001 that I have been working on for EVER.
  10. Write something inspired and creative.
Thanks loves, for your ongoing love and support of Semper Gumby... the Return of Sunshine!

If you don't already have it, adopt my button!

Semper Gumby

Back from the Dead (aka non-blogging)

Hi! It's been ridiculously long! I am so sorry.  But here's what's been going on in my life, in the last month, I have: moved to a different state, went to an Evening Parade, gotten to know my neighbors, started school, bought a car, and traveled to Portland, OR for my friend's wedding (more on that later). I've been super busy. I haven't been to the gym (slacker!) and I cannot wait until I fall into a familiar routine.

I just wanted to update you on a few didly-doodads.

My lovely giveaway sponsor Adrienne Mason (remember the USMC necklace Sarah Danielle won?) is having a 50% off sale! Go visit her Etsy store!

 I went to Portland and I loved every minute of it.

Me after hair and make-up
Ready for the wedding!!

Gorgeous West coast sunset. I've missed you.

I've missed these guys. My bffs from college!

Her wedding flowers. So pretty!

My bestestestestestest just started blogging and she has started the 30 Days of Truth which has inspired me to also part-take in it soon.  But more importantly, she wrote about our wonderful-fabulous special relationship. She is my for-ever friend. You can read what fun things she says about me! haha - ENJOY!
Ok folks, the slacker is back. Wish me luck! xoxo

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

It's been a few years since I graduated college.  I can't remember what orientation then was like.

Last Friday, I attended my school's orientation where they flooded me with information that I didn't understand but the staff figured I needed.  I've talked to a lot of folks who are the new class at the University of Maryland's School of Social Work and the consensus seems to be there is a huge block of information flow between the School and its incoming students.  We're already confused; we're not sure who our professors are, how to navigate the campus, how to open our email, our blackboard account, where we should park, what the Daily Bulletin is, who our advisor is and how we find out about them... Information makes me comfortable.  Knowing (about anything), makes me more comfortable with the situation - probably because I'm a control freak and I like to KNOW just to know.

So, I'm excited to start school. But I'm nervous.  There's so much to take in! They are already having us think about our SECOND YEAR internship!  In the first few days of being in school, I've come to the conclusion that I want it to be a placement with a military organization.  I can't wait to learn how a Social Worker could impact the military community. 

There are a million things milling around in my mind and I feel like I'm still 5 steps behind (with moving and being settled...).  But I'm excited to be able to take a minute to blog about school.  I know I am just starting but I want you to know, I'm planning on kicking my education's ass.

Thanks for being patient in my absence!!

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