Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thinking Halloween

Today, I bought my first pumpkin.  
I also saw the tree on my street starting to turn orange.  
I wore the first scarf of the year. I am burning a pumpkin spice candle.  
All things point to fall... the first stop in fall is HALLOWEEN! 

It's still a month and a half away but I'm thinking ahead!

I found this cute (less scandalous) Halloween costume! What do you think??


  1. CUTE! I was a sailor last year but now Mr. F says I can no longer use that costume since he's Army...So I have an amazing Army costume now! I LOVE Halloween! :-)

  2. Cute costume. :) I haven't celebrated Halloween for years because of the origin of it all, but I may parade around town in my wedding dress this year, just because it's pretty. Wearing it around town any other day of the year would be a bit unacceptable, I suppose. lol

  3. We already have boughten some Halloween stuff too. I'm trying to decide when I can start putting it all out. We LOVE Halloween in our house. It's our favorite holiday. That costume is super cute!!!!!!!!

  4. That is so cute!!! I almost got a similar one last year so I say go for it. Ryan wants to do a couple costume... which shocks me in all honesty!

  5. I LOVE Halloween! Very adorable costume, I love that it's "less scandalous."

  6. Super cute! I want one. Where did you find it?

  7. Halloween is the one time of year you're allowed to slut it up ;) we must be getting old LOL <3

  8. It is so cute, and I actually just finished 135 little candy bags for all the boys in my boyfriends berthing room (:

    I love fall, I just hope it cools down in Texas before halloween (:


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