Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My real-life friend Shan is going through a really tough time and has experienced some devastating hurdles in the past year.  Through it all, she has grit her teeth and is marching head on into her pain.  She had the courage to post the things that she is thankful for, despite her hurt.  I commend her for that.  It made me reflect to find what I am thankful for... forget for a minute about all the things we complain about every day.  Write a list (even if it's just in your head) of what you're thankful for.

Here's mine:
  • My life is on track. Even when I feel my life spinning out of control, I know I'm going to be okay and that I'm working toward my goals.
  • I'm blessed to have Dave in my life. He really keeps me centered and challenged. It's been a growing experience for me to be a good partner to such a wonderful man.
  • My planner. I am a crazy busy person and I can't do life without my planner.
  • Lexi. I love her. She makes me smile on a daily basis. She makes me want to come home.
  • My family. I am so happy they are safe. 
  • I am thankful for Google Voice on my iPhone. Thank goodness for technology that I can talk to my family for 2 cents a minute.
  • My social work program. It challenges me, it makes me think, it frustrates me and I know I'm being molded into a better social worker than I think I can be.
  • Jobs: I work at the Limited, I babysit, I own my own lia sophia business. It provides me with sanity and insanity, all at the same time. It is awesome entertainment. It helps me not take myself so seriously.
  • Getting married. I am so indulgent with planning and I am rolling in the joy of being able to say our vows out loud.
  • I'm thankful that I feel a bit more financially sound than I felt in 2009. I have come a long way.
  • BLOGGY FRIENDS. Is there any more to say?
  • Social networking. It keeps my busy world spinning. I get to keep up with people's busy lives!
  • Gummy snacks. 
  • Hand written notes/letters.
  • Books that teach me things that I didn't know I needed to learn about.
  • Obv. our dedicated military.
  • Amazing Family Readiness Officers (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!)
  • Spring flowers. Daffodils make me giddy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Japan, DC and love.

You know how much I love our nation's capital?  A lot. It's one of the cities I felt most home in and the most challenged.  I love it because it has history and the annual Cherry Blossom festival is no different.  I feel so alive and so proud of my Japanese heritage, especially during this time of year. These cherry blossoms demonstrate the friendship that Japan and the US have which makes me feel safe and happy and it also displays a simple beauty that is so inherent in Japanese culture. 

The reason why I got to go down to the tidal basin this year was because my mom came and visited Dave and I! We took a trip down to DC and walked along the water among the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. My mom was SO in awe! Even in Japan, they don't have this many trees in one location, blooming at one time! It was quite the sight and I was delighted that she was so happy.

I have a new love of the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial... duh.

Dave and I visited the "spot" for the first time since he proposed on December 24, 2009. 
Man, it's been a while!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My Maid of Honor, Shan @ Eat, Pray, Love... LIVE! is 26 today!! 
I'm late on the celebration but I have an hour left!!

Go wish her a happy birthday!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please donate $5 to rebuild Japan!

As patriotic and devoted to the US as I am, Japan is my love.

Please help Japan rebuild itself.  Livingsocial is collecting money ($5) and matching it.  Please make the small contribution so that Red Cross can be effective where it's desperately necessary.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for your donation!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nihon: Japan, Updated

I was going to do a refreshing, fun blog today but I am upset about Japan.  I keep calling my mom like a crazy person because I worry about their well being all the time.

The earthquakes affected my family minimally.  They were safe and although they were inconvenienced, they were fine.  Now with the after effects of the explosion of the Fukushima-Daiichi, things are becoming a little scary. 

What the news in the US says and what the government is telling Japanese citizens about the effects of the nuclear radiation, etc. are conflicting.  I'm not sure what to think and how I'm supposed to feel about how my family is fairing. 

Food supplies are scarce, there is no gasoline at the local pumps, it is unsure if they can obtain daily supplies for much longer.  People have been cautioned to not walk outside if it is raining because of the radiation affecting the body... It's not wartime in Japan but there are strange parallels and it's really scary.  I have flashbacks to movies of the war that I saw when I was growing up.

I'm mostly upset because I can't do anything. I feel so helpless. All I can do for my family is to call them and see if they are okay.  I know that they will try to do the best they can... I'm just devastated by how the country is doing.  Japan is an incredibly strong country for how tiny it is.  It is made of people of unbelievable patience and strength.  I believe that in time, it will recover, just like they did after the Kanto-Daishinsai of 1923.

I don't know how to help and I feel so lost.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan: When your family lives on a different continent

I woke up this morning to multiple friends facebooking, calling, texting me.  I was disoriented but I knew something wasn't right.  Last night while we slept, there was a massive earthquake in Japan.

With my family living in Japan, I was terrified.  This earthquake was apparently 100 times more powerful than the Haiti earthquake.  There are now, 60 people dead... there are sure to be more soon. 

An earthquake isn't just an earthquake in Japan. Since it's an island, surrounded by water, it can mean tsunamis.  It can also mean fires. It means roads flipping over.

I couldn't get a hold of my family over the phone.  I posted on facebook, called and emailed.  My dad responded via email/facebook minutes following. Those must have been the longest minutes!

My family is safe. My mom had to walk 5 hours to get home. My dad is still cooped up in his office.  My sister and her baby are okay but she hasn't heard from her husband...

Japan, you always impress me with your earthquake preparedness.  Please just take care of my family and all of our friends.

Now we wait to see what havoc this causes for other islands with tsunami warnings.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Songs that get stuck in my head

Jordan started had to bring up Maroon 5 (my FAVORITE BAND!) so it made me start thinking about music... there is so much that I love but I am obsessed right now with Robin Thicke's song "When I get you alone" sung by Glee's Cast.

There are some other awesome songs by Robin Thicke... Here's "Lost without you." It's racy!

And of course, "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5.  This song makes me think of walking through the city of Vienna, Austria.  "Someday it would lead me back to you..."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreaming of Travel

Dave booked our Honeymoon. I am so excited to travel to places I've never been! My bestestestestest Jaye works for a travel agency (I guess that's what you would call it,) and she won a cruise for her and one other person and she wants to take me!! The next 12 months are going to be filled with lots of beautiful travel!

Today let's talk about travel (dream) plans that I'd like to take that delight me!

Top 5 places I'd love to go... (in no particular order!)

Mediterranean Cruise - Must include a stop in Greece!
(not my pic)

(not my pic)

Australia and New Zealand 
 (not my pic)

 (not my pic)

Bora Bora
(not my pic)

Did you enjoy my photo journey?? I hope those delighted you for just a moment. I can't wait to travel to all of these places! 

What are your dream destinations?? 
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