Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 1: Something you Hate about yourself

Today, I'm kicking off the 30 Days of Truth that my bestestestest has been doing.  She says it's harder than it looks and I'm ready for the challenge.  If any of you want to start it, let me know so I can follow along closely with you!!

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself

What a pleasant note to start on...

Anyway, something that I really struggle is organization.  In my professional life, or being organized in paper for school is easy, almost compulsive.  I make sure that my documents are in order and in place.  Very rarely is there a piece of paper out of place or somewhere I can't find it easily.  This extends to my computer and my emails.  I like to be able to find my stuff. 

Where I really struggle is in my life.  Random stuff + lack of time to organize = me.  I'd like to believe that when I have the time (but who does, really), I can make something look nice.  With my busy schedule, I tend to drop things where it's convenient to (usually by the front door) and I think to myself "I'll put it away later."  This statement is the death of me.  I get busier and forget to put things away or other things I dropped later on in the week are piling up.  So, in an attempt to save myself, I start picking things up and get frustrated that I have SO MUCH to put away.  Gaaah!  When you start with disorder, I guess it's hard to put order back into it. 

I guess I just have to kick the habit of dropping stuff and just put it away when I get back.  I will try to say "I'll do that later" less.  Because in the other parts of my life, I am NOT a procrastinator.  MUST BE PROACTIVE.

Thanks 30 days of truth.  I just learned something about myself. I'm going to go fix it now...


  1. I'm doing this too! I don't think I'm going to get it done in 30 days though- I think it will be more emotional than I'm thinking it will be! Organization is definitely something we struggle with, but ours is the dining room table!

  2. too! Seriously...I know that if I were more organized that my life would be a much happier place and my house would function better! I say that as I am sitting here reading blogs;)

  3. I'm joining in the fun too! You don't know me yet, I'm a new follower.. but hey! Maybe we'll learn a lot more about each other just from this 30 day challenge that most other people don't know! my blog is :

  4. this sounds great! Im going to do it as well...cant wait to read more!

  5. Oh hey, you started!!!! Apparently I'm following too many blogs because I didn't see until Day 5 LOL I need to be checking in more regularly! <3


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