Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3: Something that you have to forgive yourself for

Day 3 of 30 days of truth is a little bit of self loathing...

Day 3: Something that you have to forgive yourself for

I have an ongoing love affair with candy.  I am always snatching up the newest kinds that you might or might not see at the store.  I also like the classics.  The thing I have to forgive myself for is the consumption of candy.  I've gotten better. I don't eat THAT much candy, in comparison to before.  But this eating business has made me gain a lot of weight since 2003 (which is when I graduated high school).  Le Sigh. 

I also have to forgive myself for not playing a lot of sports any more.  In high school, I was cheering, dancing and in the pool for at least 3 hours a day - busting my butt for water polo.  No wonder I was skinnier than I am now! 

This is all well and good but it's not to say that I have low confidence.  I would LIKE to be a smaller number than I am now but I don't obsess.  I work with achievable goals (like my summer challenge, which ultimately failed due to the move), and try to go that way.  On that note, keep your eyes peeled for my wedding shred plans coming soon!


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  1. I'm surprised that I never really got into candy. I've had spurts of that's all I would eat but then I have spurts of not eating it at all. I'm sure you'll be able to kick the habit!


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