Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bloggy Love Meet up! Jordan and Nicole

One thing that I LOVE about living in the Camp Lejeune area (yes, you can still love it here!), is that there are SO many people who are bloggers and live in this area! Luckily, I got to meet up with two of my FAVORITE bloggers yesterday! You know Jordan from Southern Hospitality and Nicole from Flip Flops and Combat Boots? They are as wonderful and funny in person as they are in writing!

How funny it was to meet up with the girls that I had been reading about for EVER! I mean, we knew what was going on with each other for a while.  It was comfortable, like we were just falling back into place with old friends! 

I discovered that all along (now that I'm about to move), that Nicole lives less than a mile away from me... Nicole and I trekked down to Wilmington, going over HUGE bumps and killing my car a few times (Sorrrrry SG)!

We went to eat at the Front Street Brewery in Wilmington.  If you've never been and you live around here, it's DELICIOUS!!! We all got Nachos. Nom Nom. All three of us. Nope, we didn't share, we wanted that queso-y, sweet chicken-y Nachos for ourselves. So I ordered one, Jordan ordered one and Nicole ordered one. And the server didn't give us a weird look.

After our delish food, it was difficult for us to decide where to go... but we decided on SHOPPING. But not the kind that you'd think!

We went to Old Time Pottery and HomeGoods! It turns out, all three of us love looking at things that make out homes look super cute!! Have you ever heard of Old Time Pottery? It's AMAZING! It's like a CostCo for home decorating stuff!!

Cuz EVERYBODY needs a Disco Ball!!

Anyway, we had a blast... found things to decorate out homes.
 OMG I love cookbooks with pictures!!

Just a final question: Jordan asked this on her blog but... does anybody know what Litre means?

It was an awesome day of fun and laughs with these girls!! Thanks for hanging out with meeeee! <3


  1. Oh my gosh we make my nasty nasty apartment look good! lol

  2. So glad you guys had fun! I just "followed" you! I am so bad about following my followers and being a good blogger like that!

    I'll be adding your button to my blog roll sometime this weekend!

  3. I answered the litre question on Jordan's blog. And I'm still wondering when everyone is going to trek on up to the arctic Minnuesota and see me! :) Maybe I should host a blog-conference or something, ha ha!

  4. Haha that looks fun!!!Sounds like ya'll had an aswesome time! What does litre mean..?

  5. Thanks for the tip on Old Time Pottery, I'm moving down to the area in September and I'll have to check it out! Looks like you girls had a great time. ♥

  6. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper jealous! I can't wait to move down there so I can meet everyone (hopefully)!

  7. Wilmington is seriously one of the only good things about living in Lejeune! Fun times!

  8. Completely jealous! Wish I could've went too!!!! Front Street Brewery is sooooooo good!!!! Me and Fox love that place! Ya for REAL life friends now:)

  9. Take me to you Litre!! FABULOUS! lol. (I <3 puns)... my guess (because I'm too lazy to look it up) is that it's a measure of alchohol... the measure I would call a fifth I think :-P


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