Monday, July 26, 2010

My Response to Semper Spouse

*A lot of my Bloggy friends have commented on this issue of Semper Spouse from yesterday and 
I wanted to let you know that I'm SO proud of all of you. All morning since I read it, I was stewing about this because I couldn't fathom why somebody in a place of some authority (even if it's perceived) would say something so irresponsible, so careless. It's taken me this long, after reading all the enraged responses of my fellow bloggy friends to write this somewhat articulate response to the blog that I posted as a comment...*

I read this blog post this morning and I haven't been able to articulate my anger until now.  I was so excited when I found Semper Spouses. I was so excited to be a part of a community that empowers their members as spouses of the Marine Corps, those ranks that I will be joining soon.  Hence the fact that I was SO excited to write a Friday Feature piece.  Instead, I keep reading post after post of "I hate the Marine Corps" over and over and over.  It's your blog and you have a freedom to say what you wish; however, it's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do when you run a blog like yours to try to honor our troops (not just having time with your husband,) and follow the unspoken rules of being a part of this community.  We all have bad days but this is getting a bit excessive. I won't recite what everybody has said about the irresponsibility of your actions.  I think that as bloggers, we ought to be enforcing those of us who don't know why OPSEC is in place. Why we are asked to not utter names or places or movements or times.  We should be gently educating so that those who don't love this country can't take advantage of us. This is a real threat. These are real wars our troops are fighting.  We clearly love this country. Let's do our part to keep it safe.  I hope to see improvements in your blogs soon.

If you haven't read it now: Ah, OPSEC from Semper Spouse


  1. Lovely response! I was so outraged when I read it earlier! I just could not fathom! Wonderfully put!

  2. I was a bit let down by the blog post as well, even if things between T and I are rocky I would never endanger him or is many coworkers by sharing information they ask us to keep quiet about. It's that simple. :(

    BTW I miss you sunshine! I read every entry and never miss out on your posts, I need to comment more so you know I'm stalking you still. :D

  3. OMG! That made me SO mad... I don't appreciate her being careless in regards to my husband's and others safety. I'm still shaking, I'm so ticked about it all.

  4. New Follower here!

    That made me SO mad as well!!

  5. Great response Reina! I loved it. A lot of people are outraged by this and have been posting on their blog and commenting. I hope they realize how immature and stupid they are acting.

  6. Oh my gosh, I want to hit that woman upside the head. WHY IN THE WORLD would you endanger the lives of so many Marines?! How stupid!!!

  7. Great response. I was so mad when I read her post... how ignorant can someone be?

  8. Really great response. She's now taken the post down and the ENTIRE blog. There is an apology that you get to by using the link in your blog.

    Can I do the MiliGirl thing?

  9. Excellent response. Thanks for putting in the time to articulate what so many of us are feeling.

  10. I would love to comment on her apology post, but can't. So I'm going to comment here. I didn't read the original blog post... but according to her apology she didn't actually violate OPSEC in it. She mentions being weak yesterday, and as someone who experienced rejection by fellow wives because of an "innocent" comment (no harm came of it except that I was rejected), I ask everyone who's outraged - Can you see why she may have thought it was innocent? Like I said, i didn't read the original post, but she says she was looking for someone to say "It sucks, right? What can ya do?" and instead, she was rejected by EVERYONE. I hope she finds a kind shoulder - Deployments are hard enough when you have support. It's bound to be harder when you feel like you can't even tell people that you can't tell them anything.

    I've always been the "devil's advocate" and poor at not saying what's on my mind - which gets me into trouble. And I also have wished I could tell my family and friends where/when/what hubby was doing (whether to be sad with me, or joyous)... but never did. Doesn't mean I didn't complain about not being able to.

    And please don't crucify me for this comment - I've only read her apology, and connected with it.

  11. For a reason that perhaps can only be explained as "God spared me," I missed a couple days of scoping around on Semper Spouse, and so I missed all the drama. I have a feeling I would have been placing phone calls across the country if I found out. I have no idea what's been said, but by the sheer outrage of so many wives who do support their husbands, I know **** would have hit the fan in my own home.

    I pray with all my heart that those of you affected by whatever happened can find it in yourselves to forgive and to move on with dignity, integrity, and mature tact. There have been moments while I've been a Marine wife that I have absolutely hated some of the mentalities and opinions of some of the wives. I realize I can't change people, but heck.. I'm gonna try to be as positive of an influence and example as I can.

    It's a shame that something that seemed so wonderful had to die out so fast. I really hope someone can start a new and improved (and safeguarded) version of Semper Spouse community. I should love to be a part of it.

    My husband is a temporarily medically retired Marine and is currently serving as a Chaplain for a ministry we're part of, hoping to get back into the military to be a Chaplain full-time. These particular things bring shame to all of us, regardless of faith. As a Christian wife, it's important to me that Marines and their spouses not only uphold the name they work so hard to earn, but that they keep it as it should be.

    To God be the glory.


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