Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY Project: Bridesmaids Gift Bag!

I found this project on Ashley Ann's Blog (which is SO super cute and full of wonderful pictures)!!

Deco Canvas Bag!
Here are the materials I purchased:
  • Canvass tote
  • Fabric paint by Tulip (soft fabric paint) in Night Sky Pearl (pretty dark grey with pearly qualities).
  • Craft paint brush (one of 3 that was part of the pack).  I did not buy the brush they sold at the store for fabric crafts (they ran $6, while the pack of 3 that I bought were $4).
  • Doilies (I got the Wilton brand, grease proof ones... they worked perfectly.  I was able to use them on multiple bags!)

    1) You align the doily on the canvass bag however you'd like the end product to look.  I did mine with less of the "lacy part showing so that it wouldn't be too much detail.
    2) Make sure you're meeting the canvas at a 90 degree angle.  If you don't "blot" the doily with just a touch of paint, you'll have goops and it won't look like a doily!!  So, once again: 90 degrees and not too much paint.

    3) Go through and blot/paint in all the holes and (if you want) the outline of the doily! I tried to be super careful not to take my non-

    This is one of my final products! I made 5 today so they all look a bit different! 

    Also, Ashley Ann's version had a stenciled monogram on it but I haven't done that yet...What do you think??

    Here are some uses for the bag I came up with:
    • I made these for my bridesmaids, as part of their gift.
    • You can give it to a teacher as a thank you gift.
    • A hostess gift - maybe a wine tote?
    • For your beach bag!
    • A beloved pet's travel bag!
    • Tons more ideas, if you come up with one, please let me know!
    I swear the pictures on Ashley Ann's blog are SO much better than mine, but I'm happy with my finished product!


    1. For the last 4-5 posts I haven't been able to see any photos on your blog. I'm wondering if it is just me? All I see is a tiny empty rectangle.

    2. I second what Skinnie Piggie said... :(

    3. Semper Gumby...The Return of Photos!!! Those bags are really cute!

    4. I was about to just comment saying, "Whaaaah I can't see any pictures!" And ta-da you read my mind! All fixed!

    5. I can see the pictures now. It was so worth the wait! :) I like that bag a lot. It will be a very cute way to put all your bridesmaid's gifts into one bag. I also really like the idea of a wine tote, if it was a smaller bag. Good idea...

    6. Those are ADORABLE. And such a good idea for bride's maids gifts. I may have to steal that one

    7. OK, as someone that is stuggling to come up with Bridesmaid "stuff" and always at a loss for hostess gifts...let me just say...THANK YOU!!!

      This is so cute and with Michael's sales, I'm guessing pretty cost efficient. I'm so going to pick some up and start making them and having them around the house so I'm never without a gift!


    Your comments bring me sunshine! Thank you. :D

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