Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm about to burst!

With excitement!

This weekend is Father's day, which also means that my Marine love is celebrating his birthday! When I celebrate somebody's birthday, I think it should be ALL OUT! I think they deserve a whole weekend or week of fun!  Rejoice! So, I'm excited to tell you what we're doing for his birthday, but I CAN'T tell you until tomorrow (for fear that he might, for once read my blog)!!!!  But I'm so excited and I'll tell you ALL about it later on.

(LOL we were celebrating... at the inaugural ball, no politics involved.
Just adult beverages and loud music!)


Oh and do any of you have a rule about how many posts that you can put up in one day? Because I felt like I was breaking a cardinal rule yesterday when I put up TWO posts! tee hee, I'm such a rebel!


  1. I totally agree that when someone has a birthday you should go CRAZY! I know when my momma turned 50 we went nuts and celebrated for the whole weekend!

    I have my own rule for how many posts in a day (I guess) since I usually post only once a day but it's your blog! You post as often as you like!

  2. I agree with the birthday thing... although I can't remember the last birthday I celebrated, sad? Maybe my 16th? Wow.

    Anyway, it's your blog... make up your own rules!! =)

  3. how exciting! i'm sure you will make it fun for your marine. :) And as for posting I think its ok to post more than once a day if you really have something more to say (and its on a different subject). besides, sometimes posts come out too long if you try to write about a bunch of things at once! but its your blog, and your rules so do whatever makes you happy! :)

  4. What a fun picture! I can't wait to hear how you celebrate this weekend :-)


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