Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Dress Blues...

If you were a little girl that dreamed of your wedding day, what was the center of that dream? Was it the decorations? the guests? Your groom? For many girls, it was probably the white flowy dress.  I sure as heck didn't know what colors, how many guests or what my groom looked like (sorry Bean, I do now!!) but I knew my dress would be pretty, white and make me feel like a gorgeous woman.

When I got engaged, one of the most common questions was when I was going to go shopping for my dress.  For some reason, I got secretive.  I didn't want ANYBODY to know what my dress was going to look like... not just my groom.  I know that my mom (living an ocean and a continent away) won't see me in my dress until the day of the wedding.  I don't think I'm necessarily bummed about that as you might think... this is why.

I thought she might want to see the styles I was thinking of so I sent her a few links to dresses I had my eye on (I'm ooogling over a few, but have ONE that I'd just love to have...) and she sort of shot all of them down. I think she would be happy if I wore a dress like one my sister wore (think big lacy and princessy).  She was gorgeous in it!  But her wedding was inside a chapel, and it was super fancy smancy...  My mom doesn't get weddings that are less formal than what my sister had.  So, a less FLOUFFY, less princessy, non-ballgown isn't acceptable... It just isn't me, mom! I also don't want to wear 20 lbs of dress or get stepped on!

(All together now, say hi to my gorgeous baby sister!)

So, I'm scared of going shopping with anybody else, for fear that my ideal dress is going to be something that they just pass on.  Or that my crowd wouldn't love it as much as I would.  If I put a dress on and think "this is the ONE!" and the people I bring with me say "ok let's try the next one, I don't think this is it." do I keep going? Or do I trust my gut about this one? Because in the end, it's what I want (obv with consideration of other people's feelings... but I'll be the one wearing the dress!) right?

le sigh...


  1. My only comment would be making sure you have someone to objectively comment on the FIT of the dress. If you find one you love, who cares what anyone else thinks!? You have to feel awesome and beautiful! However, women have a tendency to make excuses for the fit of clothes because we like the color/style/etc... So make sure you have one objective person there to tell you it does/doesn't fit you. Otherwise, you're good to go and you should wear whatever the heck you love!

  2. You call him bean! That is so funny that's what Ben calls me! I am so jealous you are wedding dress shopping!

  3. You will know when you find "the one" in your dress. You will look at yourself and realize you have never looked more beautiful in your life. Nobody else needs to say a thing. Except for what Mel said, make sure it fits right!

  4. Agreed with the fit... and if it's going to take TONS of alterations, it's not worth the cost... they are expensive!

  5. When you find "The Dress", you will immediately fall in love, and all the other dress will look like crap.

    My husband just joined the military. He is off to Basic and Officer Candidate School. I am just glad there are military spouse blogs for me to draw inspirations from. I am now following your blog, feel free to follow me at Musings of An Army Wife

    Have a terrific day!!!


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