Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time flies and waking up to bad news...

I have been terrified to blog for a while. I used to love coming on every day to see what everybody was talking about. It really is a community of awesome people.  When I went to school, I felt SO out of the loop when I started missing days and now MONTHS of blogging! I get anxious at the thought that I hadn't typed a single word to people who had supported me for MONTHS!!

So, the week of thanksgiving, I update you of my life and hope that you'll still take me :)

I was hoping to just do an update on how I'm doing in school. HOW MUCH I LOVE SCHOOL. How I'm getting straight A's and brag just a little bit because I love this stuff and it's hard! I also started a student group for Military Awareness and that will be launching soon.  Hopefully that will give fellow social work students a chance to think about that it means to serve our service members effectively!

Although I'm super excited about all this, and the fact that my semester is drawing to a close, I woke up to some crummy news this morning...

My car was broken into last night. In my apartment parking lot FACING the apartments... It's one of the well lit spots! We live in one of the "best cities" in the country... I guess that isn't a guarantee that crime doesn't happen. 

Luckily, I don't keep much in my car, except for my GPS.  Everybody tells you when you get a GPS that you can't have it up on your dashboard.  Then where the HELL are you supposed to put it? I don't mean to get indignant but thieves should not be ALLOWED to break windows to steal MY STUFF! Ugh. I guess, that logic makes no sense.  All the thief had to do was break the window, fear being caught, then voila, the GPS was his/hers.  Now, I'm lacking the device that helps me NOT GET LOST and a couple hundred dollars in the hole right before holiday season. Terrific.

So.  I'm grumpy but I wanted to let you all know I care about you and think of you ladies often!!!



  1. Oh no! I am so sorry that happened. When we first moved to our apartment the same thing happened, except to 19 cars all in a row! Ryan's car and mine were skipped but his best friend, who was visiting us with his wife, had that happen.

    I just keep my gps in my purse. Especially after that. I had it in my glove box when the robberies happened but my car is such a POS they skipped it out of pity I think! But if you get another one, just sliding it in your purse is sooo much easier. I leave the plug and everything set, but keep the actually unit with me.

  2. It's good to hear from you. Congrats on the A's. Keep up the good work.

    Bummer about your GPS. That kind of stuff can happen anywhere.

  3. Congrats on school and the group you started sounds like an awesome idea! Sorry about your car and GPS, it's horrible that there are people in the world like that!

  4. So sorry about the car. :-( But good to hear you are loving school and starting a Military Awareness group! I'd love to do that back home in CA.

  5. I'm so sorry!!! The exact same thing happened to me in May 2009. I was one of those people who left it on the window/dashboard. People were like, you shouldn't have left it there. I left it there..always..countless times, and nothing ever happened. I got my window fixed at Safelite Auto for $80. I never bought a new one. Then in July 2010, my entire car stereo was stolen out of my car..the wires cut and everything. I still haven't bought a stereo, but I'm using my boyfriend's GPS. I don't live in a bad neighborhood or city either. The time that I got my stereo stolen, and another guy got his stolen that was parked near mine. Plus, around the city, there was a string of cars broken into all over. It sucks :( It makes me not want to buy another stereo, because I don't want it stolen.

  6. That really blows:( Don't ever worry about blogging! We all have ebbs and flows of writing..that's life!! Take your time and Happy Thanksgiving (in a day or so:)

  7. Grrr! That stinks! I leave my GPS on the dash, too. I know it's a bad idea, but seriously who wants to keep dragging that thing out every time they get in the car?

  8. Awe man that sucks! Damn dishonest people!


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