Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Dressed up! Winter Fairytale edition!

We got about 4 or 5 inches of snow last night and this morning we woke up to a splendid canvas of white!  I got SO inspired by the beautiful snow that I committed to going BIG for this week's All Dressed up!  I treated this like a Trash the Dress that girls do in their wedding dresses... It was TONS of fun.  Thanks Dave for dealing with my crazy ideas and I'm sorry for subjecting you to the elements. Enjoy.


 Dress: Jessica McClintock - debuted at my Senior prom
Boots: Eastern Mountain Sports
Cardigan: Target
Gloves: NY and Company -Gift from a friend
Hat: A bunny. No really. It's fuzzy. Made in China somewhere.

.  .  .

I leave you with a few bloopers... Because I'm definitely not flawless!
Plus bloopers build character.

When I got snow down the front of my dress trying to flip over gracefully...

 Snow. in. the. face.

Did you enjoy this installment of All Dressed up?


  1. So beautiful!! Love all these shots, even the blooper:)

  2. Adorable!!!! What an awesome idea.

  3. You are just too adorable for words. Stop it! :)

  4. what a GREAT idea! i love those trash the wedding gown couture shoots, this was excellent! you must've been freezing in your laying down one! haha! you are adorable, the title to the blog is exactly what i would've called you, ahaha!

  5. Awesome! My favorite is actually the Snow In The Face! It was BEAUTIFUL this morning in DC. I wish I had taken photos.

  6. ur too brave to lay in the snow in ur hottie dress!!! i'm too much of a wuss. i was too cold to even go outside. brrrr. u look gorgeous!! that color blue is so pretty with ur skin and hair :)

  7. Very cute post. Love the photographs!


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