Thursday, January 6, 2011

Delight: My love for a certain Jordan S.

Please tell me you read Jordan S's "One Word" blog...  It's all about losing the unattainable New Year's Resolution and embracing a word for a year.  For Jordan, 2011 is about "PURITY."  What a pretty word.

I decided that in 2011, the year in which I'll tie the knot with my love, I want it to be more than just about the wedding.  It's about a lot of thing I've been neglecting to face in my own life.  So, I chose "delight," as a side note, that same word is also in our wedding vows (which we wrote!).  My 2011 will be DELIGHT-fully amazing.  It won't be without it challenges but I will take time to delight in life's blessings.

Lastly, I heart Jordan.  She and I share a deep love for pretty things. Particularly weddings.

 this is our wedding logo. thoughts?

. . .

Dear Jordan,

Would you PLEASEEEE do an image board of our wedding stuff? And could you PLEAAASE come up with a bride and groom signature drink for us??

ok, love you!

Question of the Day: "What would you try if you had no fear?"
I would probably jump off of some obnoxiously high plane and sky dive. I'm terrified of heights. I would also probably consider getting a tattoo... I'm also afraid of needles.


  1. I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I love your word, I love your logo...I love it all! And girl you cry wedding and I will come a calling! I would love to do a board and a drink for you all! We'll chat about it more tomorrow! :) You are the BESTES-ESTST! Is that possible...well it is now!

  2. Great word! And I love the logo, the date is awesome in Roman Numerals!!

  3. Great post! :) and of course we all love Jordan!

  4. My church does the "your word of the year" every year. I haven't watched the sermons to see what everyone chose. I'm still not sure what mine is. I think it might be opportunity. Not sure yet. And of course we LOVE LOVE your logo. BTW MISS...You need to be finding a dress soon. They take 4-6 months ya know ;-)

  5. I love your word. And your logo is fabulous. Seriously. Heart you!


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