Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inspiration to keep going.

I'm sure you've seen this video, everybody I know has been posting it for the past week...

Watching this video reminded me why I started this blog.  When I started dating my Marine, I was lonely, and completely lost. I didn't know what PCS meant and I didn't understand why he couldn't be with me for our first Valentine's Day.  I remember being so proud of him when I first saw him in his Dress Blues. It's been a long journey and I think I was losing steam with the blogging thing.  I kept telling myself that I was moving past it... but honestly I was sad to leave it behind.

My New Year's Resolution (which for once I will keep) are to pick up blogging, being inspired.  I will also become an avid Yelp-er

New editions on my bloggy is Wedding planning blog entries and other fun and creative things! :)

Semper Gumby,


  1. Yay for the come back! I have been really missing your blogging!

  2. I adore this video. And I love that you're returning. I've missed you dreadfully.


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