Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winner of Delight!

CONTRATS, Erin of Deployment Diaries, who said this about what delights her...

"New Orleans delights me... Just thinking about the next time I will be able to go back fills my stomach with butterflies of excitment. There is just something about it that infects your soul. The music, the food, the people, the art, the river... I could go on and on. Not only do I love the city itself, but it's where I fell in love with my husband. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's why we fell in love and of course I would enjoy telling everyone all about it!"

Just reading that makes me want to visit New Orleans!  Erin's husband is deployed to Afghanistan right now but she is surviving this deployment like a true champ.  She just started her blog but go to her blog and show your support! Please join me in welcoming her to the bloggy world!

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