Thursday, May 26, 2011

Planning Ahead: Memorial Day

What will you be doing this Memorial Day weekend?

The people who market in our country don't understand the gravity of this "holiday" as they sell us beach towels, bathing suits, or chilled beer.

Let us remember what Memorial Day means.

It is a day that should help us to reflect on the service members who have perished in the name of this free nation. 

I'm writing this now so that it may help us to think about what we can do to help live the true meaning of the day.

I don't intend to be Debbie Downer as I think "Happy Memorial Day" is crass. I think it makes light of heavy-hearted words like "honor," "courage," "sacrifice."  

I don't discourage you from going to the beach, or living and enjoying life.  It is really my hope that we can each take at least a moment of this long weekend to think about the true meaning of "Memorial Day."

I appreciate the fact that our neighborhood pool opens this weekend.  I can start working on my tan.

On Memorial Day, though, I am working with IAVA and visiting Arlington Cemetery. I'll also be visiting the wall for the Ceremony in the afternoon.


  1. I am so with you. I think the majority of American holidays, ones that are celebrated because of hard fought, lives lost, sacrifices made wars, are over commercialized and for the most part, the true meanings behind them are lost.

  2. I agree... I posted about this last year {} when I have children, I will make sure they know what these holiday's mean, not that they are just another day off school.


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