Friday, March 26, 2010

Taking a moment

I am so insanely sad that it has taken me this long to process... Please follow this link to read Mrs. Porto's account of her Marine's death.

First let me preface by saying that I cannot express how sad this made (and still makes) me. It was like the earth moved and fell apart. I have read other spouse's stories about their fallen loved ones but this one hit me insanely hard.

I've never met her. But I've been reading (in the most un-creepy way, stalking) her blog.
She is a Camp Lejeune Marine wife. I live in Camp Lejeune and it hit way close to home.
She just had their first baby, Ariana. Beautiful girl. The pregnancy was the real reason I got sucked into her blog in the first place...
After reading her blog, I always thought to myself, this is a girl I could be friends with!

So I'm sad. I want to send her hugs through the internet to know that people (even ones she has never met or probably will never meet) are thinking about her and her loss.

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