Saturday, April 17, 2010

Engagement Photo x 3!

Purpose of this blog: I want better pictures than ones like this... 

So, I am super blessed because I'll be able to have 3 SETS of Engagement Photos.  I know. Crazy! Why on earth would one need that many you ask? Here's why: the first set was taken without my knowledge... remember my engagement that happened on Christmas Eve where Emily G. took photos of Dave proposing

The second set is today, with Olympia Flaherty, she is a Marine wife and knows Camp Lejeune well.  The purpose of this specific set is because I have NO pictures of the two of us, with him in his cammies (that I didn't take with my arm stretched out).

The last set, we are super excited about is with Susan Solo, who is also shooting our wedding. (EEEP EEP! so excited!) In those photos, we are excited about getting "DC-esque" shots.  Less touristy and more about the city we love so deeply.  Just as a side note, before I contacted Susan about having her document our wedding, I had been stalking her blog for a good long while.  She takes some AMAZING pictures!

So, hopefully by the end of this, we'll have more than enough pictures that I'm happy about! :D

Happy Saturday!



  1. Yay! That is so cool... can't wait to see some =)

  2. Soo excited can't wait to see them!!!

  3. I can't wait to see the remaining two sets.. I love pictures, but more than that I love pictures with you in them!

    haha. THAT sounded like a stalker ;)


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