Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Driving down Lejeune Boulevard, which leads to Camp Lejeune's main gate, there is a stream of color that draws the eye.  These signs are AWESOME.  It's the one thing I look forward to when I think of deployments (well and him coming home, of course).  The "Welcome home Cpl. _____" Signs with big hearts and yellow ribbons adorning them make me happy.  And recently, there have been many more than there were in the winter.

Well, since the speed limit along the Blvd. is 55 mph and people generally go about 65, it's hard to read the signs.  But since I noticed a particular sign, I've been slowing down. WAAAY down. Like "move it along, grandma" slow.

This one sign said "So happy you're home, LCpl ____!!! No need for the gym, I'll be your workout!"  I had to read it again when we left base.  Did it seriously say that??  I know there are bumper stickers that say "Sex deprived for your freedom" but this is blatant!

Fast forward to last week, I was pumping gas and I look at the car in front of me that has a bunch of cool looking stickers and a bumper sticker that reads "My other ride is my Marine."  Another jaw drop.  I'm not a prude.  I'm in the business of sex-ed.  I don't blush as easy as most... These admissions are bold and personal.

These two aren't the only ones! Between Dave and I we have seen about 8 signs saying things like "Capt. _____, get ready, it's baby makin' time!" or "1,2,3,4... can't wait till your cammies hit the floor." Clever? Yes. Funny? Yes. Honest? Sure... but I'm not sure that that's what I would do.

Since the Marine Corps folks are pretty conservative (not in the political way...) and formal, it strikes me as odd that one would say things like this.

Am I just being a party-pooper or a prude? Do Marines appreciate this, or would they rather have it be private? 

Thoughts?? What would your sign say? Would it be Naughty or Nice?


  1. We all love a clever sign, but there's a line between clever and tacky. I always think that if you want a sign like that, put it on your house, or better yet, IN your house!

  2. That = no self respect, the worst part is some of these women have kids that ride in the car with them/or have to see that banner hanging up.

    If their bedroom action is so phenomenal I'm sure they wouldn't be broadcasting it all over the place - they would just be.... occupied!

  3. Yeaaaah, I'm pretty sure my husband would be PIIIISSED if I made a sign like that! But if I show up with a "Move it or lose it, my hubby is home and I don't break for children!" poster he'd just roll his eyes and smile :)

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower!
    This is a great post, I totally agree. Every time I see those signs or bumper stickers I cringe, thinking I would never display that. I’m not sure if other Marines appreciate it, but I know my hubby would be embarrassed. It’s just too personal, everyone knows what a homecoming implies, there’s no need to advertise it. My sign would be nice…haven’t decided what to write yet!

  5. Thats just tacky.. especially if they advertise the last name of the person.

  6. I wouldn't do it... I think it's obvious that sex will be happening... since it hasn't in X# months. No need to share it publicly for the whole world to see!

    I'm loving Hellcat Betty's idea though! =)

  7. Well, I'm a marine wife, and I KNOW my husband would not appreciate me riding around with a bumper sticker like that. haha.. however, entertaining... it's entertaining at that person's expense. so they are the dummies!

  8. I'd have to agree...I think it's tacky. Mine totally said "Welcome Home CPL Goad, I missed you. PS The trash needs taken out!" HAHA...cause that's our thing...I SO DON'T DO THE TRASH!!! It's kinda one of those obvious things...I mean at a wedding ceremony or receptions (traditionally) the pastor doesn't say "You can now have sex with your bride..." everyone knows what happens on the wedding night & everyone knows what happens the night a spouse comes home from a deployment. I think it's a cry for attention to be honest...when things like that are seen & read it automatically makes people think certain things about whoever is hold or putting it up. I think it's kinda demoralizing...making love is a very special & you should be inviting an entire base to be imagining you doing it.

  9. I agree with everyone as well! It must depend on the guy, but I know Joshua would never go for that. We're private about what happens in our bedroom, no need to broadcast to the world! Plus, I like what Tay said... it's obvious the sex will be happening! ;-)


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