Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was going to do a little ditty about HeroBracelets because I just got mine in the mail yesterday but I wanted to add this funny story that I found through NoelBelle's blog about a saving a life with a Tampon!

Anyway, I found out about HeroBracelets through NoelBelle originally.  I thought it was touching that she wears it everyday (with pearls and all! :D) to remind her and her world about her Marine who is currently deployed.

So the day I read about it, I hopped over to www.herobracelets.org and ordered my own "deployed HeroBracelet" and also let some of my MilSpouse friends on Facebook know about it. What a response it got from their families and friends!  "We should all get them" was a resounding response.  I was touched, as I am often, now that I am surrounded by the military family; this is one that takes great pride and joy in the accomplishments and sacrifices our men and women of this country make... I was just touched.

But I digress... I ordered one for my Marine, even though he isn't deployed. 

Mine arrived yesterday and I'm stoked!

Since I come from a liberal-ish (don't hate me!) background, it helps me educate other liberal-ish people about the military and its people.  I loved it when Hellcat Betty said that she realized that the "military isn't just an accessory to war."  If people ask about my HeroBracelet, it will be a conversation starter about this awesome bracelet or about our lovely, proud, strong military, or my Marine.

Awesome things about HeroBracelets:
  1. You can wear it all the time! Show off your service member proudly!
  2. You can contribute $2 per bracelet that you order to a Military Friendly program.
  3. You can educate people about the bracelet or the military when you wear it out!
  4. It's just awesome (duh!)!!
Leave me a message about what you think if you've ordered one before... or if you decide to order one because of this blog! mmk Thanks!



  1. Love the bracelet! It is such a cute idea to tastefully show pride. I would so order one if Ben wasn't still a candidate. Gorgeous ring!

  2. I've seen them before and thought about it... I already tote around my marine corps purse [http://skinniepiggie.blogspot.com/p/candles-military-gear.html] though, and I'm not sure he could handle me being any more moto while he's around (maybe when he deploys?).

  3. great post!! I'm definitely going to look into getting one!! Thanks!!

  4. Aww, thanks for the mention, lady! Love the bracelet! I want one, but I think hubs would disown me ;)


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