Sunday, May 2, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop!

I'm a MilSpouse in training so getting to read about other people who already live this CRAZY lifestyle is inspiring.  I was SO excited to find out about Riding the Rollercoaster's MilSpouse Blog Hop!

I'm a 20-something Marine Fiancee. I recently moved to the Camp Lejeune area and am learning a TON of great information about the military lifestyle.  My Marine, Dave, is the most loyal, patient and understanding person I know.  It takes a lot to be him and still love me.  He is finishing his enlistment and he is planning on going back to school so he can become an officer.  It's his goal in life and I am so proud. We are planning our Sept 2011 wedding and trying not to stresssssss out about any of it.  I'm truly trying to avoid the bridezilla! I cannot wait until August when we will be moving back to the DC area.  I'll be a student again (first time in 3 years, YAAAAY!!!) working toward my Master's in Social Work and Master's in Public Health. Can't wait to join the ranks of some awesome milspouse bloggies!!

Thanks for reading! Please comment so I can read your bloggy too! :D



  1. Hi new friend! We will have to get together down here! Always looking for girls to hangout with! :)

  2. Hey there!! Fellow Marine wife stationed at LeJeune! Looking forward to following and reading more about your adventures!

    Ashley @

  3. Fellow marine wife in Jacksonville too! Hubs is actually at Cherry Point but he is commuting so that we can stay in our house.
    Welcome to the Marine Corps!

  4. I am so glad you did this even though you are not a wife, I was going to do it, but didn't know if I should...but youre a fiance thats a step ahead of me. I love the Jacksonville area, if you haven't taken a weekend to spend in emerald isle DO IT! We will be in DC hopefully sometime next summer!

  5. cute pic! Look forward to reading more :)

  6. Hello there, glad to find a great attachment to the best city north of Norfolk! I don't get up the District enough, but if the Navy were to ever put us there...yes!

    Congrats on the engagement, and the fact that it's documented!! That's insane.

    I can't wait to hear where your Mr. will turn out his MECEP. Nice to find you!

  7. Following your blog via the MilSpouse Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more!

  8. Hiiiiiiii!!! So great to meet you! I'm going to be your newest stalker *cough* I mean follower, b/c I can already tell that we have a lot in common and I'm going to like you. Take care! :)

  9. Hello we meet at last! I'm your newest follower...and I see that you already know me;) Thanks for having me on your blog roll! Super saaaaaweet!

    I will have to keep my eyes open for you when I'm out and about in town....since your in my backyard!

    ~Goodnight moon

  10. Hey girl!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog- I CANNOT BELIEVE that the shop closed!!! It had sooo many military scrabble pendants last week!!! in the package I recieved were two business cards and they have her email address so I'm going to try to contact her to see what's up???!!!!I'll let you know of she decides to open her shop again!!!!

    Congratualations on your engagement!!! isnt engaged life awesome???!!! I LOVE it!!! Given, I only really have like 15 days left...haha then I will have wedding number 1 (I get to have 2 of em!!)

    I am adding you to my milsister blog list!!!!

  11. Thanks for linking up on the blop hop! It's so nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading more about you!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster


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