Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day reflection

Every year, up until recently, Memorial day was a time that we got extra days off.  Time to spend with family or friends.  Go to BBQs.  Enjoy the weather.  This year, it became insanely real to me.  Like a ton of bricks.  I am not spending the day mourning but rather appreciating and celebrating our brave heroes' lives.  We will never forget you...  I am also thanking those who proudly serve our country.  Thank you.

If somebody is enjoying Memorial day too much, just remind them, gently, what this day stands for.  Let's educate people rather than assuming the worst in them... Some honestly just don't know.


  1. AMEN GIRL! It's crazy to see wild kids partying it up on beaches...they seriously have no clue what it's all children WILL know what this means when they are older! It's a vital part of why they are here today! I am so very thankful & will NEVER forget!!! Much thanks to your finace for his service! :o)))

  2. Such a great post :)

    I love the photo :)


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