Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty Little Things

Hi Ladies!

I'm sort of in a bloggy rut after the long weekend but bear with me as we get the MilGirl Advice Blog rolling out next week!  Thank you for all of your enthusiastic replies.  I'll be contacting you to let you know when yours will be hitting my blog!

Anyway, on a whim, I decided that I wanted to learn how to decorate cakes.  NOTE: I don't really bake cakes... but that's another story for another day... I checked in with my local Michaels and decided to take a cake decorating class.  I figured if I was going to be a MilSpouse one day (465 days!!! haha still a lifetime away!) I might need to bring a cake to some social function and nobody wants to eat a cake that look like... poo poo. 
 It says "Happy Hank Day" for my friend Hank's Birthday.
I know I can do better than that!

So, I'll decorate and hopefully I have some talent at the medium that is frosting.  I'm not too awful at some artistic mediums... I'm awesome at puffy paint (thanks to all those cheerleading Tshirts we had to hand make), I'd like to think I'm decent at painting ceramics as long as the designs are simple and modern -- and involve a lot of colorful polka dots!
So I'm excited to start.  It was supposed to start today at 2 pm but the teacher says she thought it started next week.  A fellow classmate (and Marine Spouse) was PISSED and started to tear the manager a new one... saying that it was unprofessional that she was late and that she decided not to show up.  That she should receive a discount and reimbursement for mileage!

Alright lady. I know your precious hubby is coming home and you want to make him a Marine cake but you yelling is not okay... jus sayin.

It starts next week and we're supposed to decorate sugar cookies. I'll post pics when I got 'em!  :D



  1. Cool! Thats sounds like so much fun! I used to work at a Bakery and I loved watching the decorators design the cakes! It really is an art form! I got pretty good at writing Happy Birthday in frosting as well! I'm sure you will love it! :)

  2. That sounds like lots of fun! I always wanted to take decorating classes for cakes and all...the look delicious!
    Btw, I love that coffee/tea mug...not a bad business venture?!?!?!

  3. Shoot those cupcakes look delicious to me already, but what a fun thing to do!

  4. Haha those cupcakes don't look half bad, maybe I'm just hungry though? Decorating and bakin cakes is awesome fun, I used to help my mom when she was on a cake kick, there's some GOOD money in it too! Oh, I'm a new follower by the way :)

  5. I've always been interested in that class, how much does it cost if you don't mind me asking!?

  6. Hey Girl! Thanks for finding my slice of this bloggy world. My sister and I always wanted to take a cake decorating class too. I think you've inspired me to do it!

  7. Thank you missy! I'm glad someone gets my humor. :) I never knew I liked cats so much either but this one already has me wrapped around her little, er, claw.

    Cake decorating sounds like FUN! Good luck with that. Wish I could do something like that too.

  8. ps. i left you a surprise on my blog!


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