Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer 2010 Fitness Tracker

I'm going to use this link to track my progress though out the summer!

I'm coloring in my progress. It's really little baby steps!

100 Mile Run Resolution

15 miles in! 85 Miles to go!
6/8/2010 - 1.5 miles (It was hard. I walked a bit so I went until I hit 2 miles...Man, running is hard work!)
6/10/2010 - 1 mile (Yeah yeah I know! But I also did an ab work out AND a kettle bell work out!)
6/14/2010 - 1.5 miles (I split it up. Half before yoga, half after yoga)
6/16/2010 - 1.5 miles (I think it's getting easier to run a bit farther at a time, I only have to walk every .7 miles... It used to be about every .25 miles.  It still is the most BORING sport in my mind)
6/21/2010 - 1 mile (I thought I was doing SO well.  I guess taking the weekend off was a BAD idea!)
6/30/2010 - 2 miles (I didn't die! But I alternated between longer bits of faster running and jogging)
7/5/2010 - 2 miles (I ran outdoors!! I alternated between jogging, running and walking but it felt pretty nice to run outside. Still need to build my stamina at the gym where I can keep track of my pace!)]
7/7/2010 - 2.5 miles (I was a fat-ass and ate fried food last night so I was guilted into running!! It was a longer run/jog!)
7/9/2010 - 1 mile (I did Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred 20 minute work out and that kicked my butt that I could only do 1 mile, I did do strength afterwards though...)
7/10/2010 - 1 mile (I went to a wedding and still ran at the gym. Yep motivated!)

Turbo Jam and Workout Classes

6/7/2010 - 45 minute CARDIO PARTY! (This kicked my butt...)
6/8/2010 - 20 minute AB JAM (Oh feel the burn!)
6/9/2010 - 20 minute WORKOUT (Sweaty but could have gone longer)
                 20 minute AB JAM (feeling the burn from yesterday)
6/10/2010 - 20 minute AB JAM (not as bad as the past 2 days! maybe it's getting easier??)
                   20 minute KETTLE BELL WORK OUT -not turbo jam (kicked my butt...)
6/14/2010 - 45 minute POWER YOGA (who knew yoga could be so darn hard!?)
6/17/2010 - 20 minute TURBO CARDIO (Maybe I wasn't doing it as intensely as before but it wasn't hard...)
                   20 minute TURBO SCULPT (A little resistance training.  5lb weights, squats, arm sculpt)
6/21/2010 - 60 minute POWER YOGA (Seriously kicked my little butt! Who knew I had muscles there!)
6/26/2010 - 20 minute WORKOUT (Sweaty but good!)
                   10 minute AB JAM (Ran out of time, but got a work out in!)
7/9/2010 - 20 minute 30 DAY SHRED (Level 1) (Jillian Michaels is NO joke! I am SWEATY!)
                  30 minutes STRENGTH TRAIN: LIFT WEIGHTS
7/12/2010 - 20 minute 30 DAY SHRED (Level 1) (Still breathless... panting...)


  1. Girl, I love this thing! I don't know if it's a little to extreme because it's a calorie counter, but it helps me to keep track!

  2. GET IT GIRLLLLLL!!! You should look into the BodyBugg that is going to be my next investment!!!


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