Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Resolutions

I never do New Year's Resolutions because I KNOW I can't keep them.  I also have never set a Summer Resolution for myself.  But I'm feeling inspired.  My friend, Tiffanie, over at My Domestic Niche is currently doing a Push Up Challenge where she is doing 200 push ups a DAY! (I can't even do ONE good push up).  So clearly that isn't my resolution.

While I was writing my Summer to do list (that list is for another day), I thought of my fitness goals.  I want to try Yoga.  But that seemed too easy so I wrote "run 100 miles."  If you know me, or read my posts around the Run for the Warrior, you know that running is not my forte.  I quite suck at land sports.  I'm a fishie!  Anyway, I'm challenging myself to run 100 miles this summer!

We'll see how I do, but I have an old-school tracking device (that looks like a chart that they used to use in kindergarten where the teacher puts stickers on your paper for every nice thing you do...). 

 I'm also doing Turbo Jam.
 If you have never heard of it, it's by the BeachBody company that does the famous PX90 system.  Turbo Jam is fun though.  It's really my kind of work out.  It combines aerobic exercise with capoeira moves, kick boxing moves and dance! FUN!

This is Charlene Johnson who started it.  She is in her 40's and she is fit! What do you think??

I think Turbo Jam is SUPER fun but it's also exhausting. 

So I'm pumped. I'll be doing my Turbo Jam workout and running a few miles today!

 Do you have any summer resolutions that you want to conquer?


  1. Hey, anything that gives me a stomach like THAT I'd be willing to try. I am pretty active and I go the gym quite a bit, but I am not a runner. At all. I don't know why, but I hate it. I feel your pain.

    Great goal to set for yourself and good luck!

  2. Wow, I'm proud that you are doing a summer resolution! I wish I could think of one but this summer is so busy with the wedding I might not have time! Good luck with your goal! I'm sure you will do it!

  3. Geez woman, I hope you're taking your vitamins! Your fitness goals are way more ambitious than mine.

    And thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it.

  4. YAY!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog...one moment at a time! LOL...sometimes my days are entirely too much to take it! I'm staying positive!!! :o))) I'm sooooo SUPER proud of you! I know you will do this...have you broken down how many you'll have to do a day to finish by the end of Summer?! I know that helped me a ton with the push ups...having a daily goal! I'll have to try the Turbo Jam too!!! When I become a coach I get to order another BeachBody workout program & since I already have P90X I thought about Insanity...but I've always LOVED kickboxing so I think you've convinced me! LOL...anyways...I'm here for you & I will encourage you as much as I can with my crazy schedule as of lately!!! We need to exchange phone numbers! LOL


Your comments bring me sunshine! Thank you. :D

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