Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Dressed Up: I want WARM!

Although I love fall, I really like warm, mild weather. The kind of weather you could wear pants and a cute top... So, in hopes that my outfit would ward off the freezing rain that is supposed to be upon us... I'm all dressed up!


I know... what a face! 
But I want WARM! please? 

Top: Limited
Pants: Banana Republic outlet
Shoes: Payless Shoesource
Necklace: Sultry (lia sophia)
Bracelet: Party Favor (lia sophia)

 Guest appearance by Lexi!

I got silly and "got in the kitchen," and put on my cute Apron!

The photographer guest appearances!

Love you!!


  1. I want warm sunshine too!! I'm ready!! You're so cute, girly!

  2. i want spring to be here tooooooooooo!! we should have a whole week dedicated to aprons, love it!

  3. You are way too cute! Love the outfit and the apron.

  4. You're so purdy! I want warm too, stat! I loved that color and glisten of that top.

  5. ugh. white pants? i wish i could do that. long are the days of me wearing white pants....5 kids later. i don't think i'd be able to keep dirty fingers off them for more than 5 minutes. but YOU look amazing in them.

  6. Very cute! New follower through all dressed up! Also a Marine Wifey!


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