Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lonely on V-day isn't an excuse!

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Onward and upward!
Today, on my way to classes, I was listening to the Kane Show on 99.5 and there was a girl who had called in with a dilemma. This is her situation. She has been dating a Marine for 4 years. Two months after they met he decided to enlist in the Marine Corps.  He went to boot camp and then was deployed soon thereafter.  Her question/dilemma is that he's always been gone and this year will be her third year alone.  Cue the drumroll... she's met somebody and thinks she could care about this new guy. But she doesn't want to cheat on the Marine.  So what should she do?

Well, the girl is stuck between a giant rock and a hard place.  Kane (who is fairly liberal, I'd argue, but a gentleman, most of the time) was FUMING. He was getting all worked up about how this Marine would feel. "He's fighting for our country!!" he kept saying.

I've never called a radio station to try to get through. I didn't get through but these are the things I would have said if I were on the line with them and this girl...
1) You are so disgraceful. Deployment isn't for everybody.  It sucks to have to wait for somebody to come back. But you're not even WORRIED about him or his safety.  You are worried about being LONELY. 
2) You said he's not coming home for a while... most likely his deployment is for 7 months.  Maybe you should have thought of breaking up with him the little time that he was home? Or were you too excited to have your Marine home and flaunt him around?
3) If you break up with him now, while he's away, think of all the damage that could do?
4) If you break up with him now, it's just like cheating. Except you got a free pass for a clear conscience. Stupid selfish (blank).



  1. I am with you Reina, it takes a strong strong woman to be able to deal with being with anyone in the military, it's a lot of long lonely nights but some women are up to it. If the girl didn't think she could do it she should be done with the situation. She doesn't want to be lonely/ Kiss. My. Butt. Seriously? Being there for T through his deployment (even if things ended between us after it was over with) was worth every single lonely moment. Ugh, I seriously hate girls like this. : / Me so mean.

  2. I could write an essay. But like you said, deployment isn't for everyone. Not everyone can handle being married to the military. I say she should go ahead and break up with him. She obviously doesn't love him as much as he deserves. It just sucks that she didn't come to this conclusion earlier. I just hope he's not dumb enough to take her back later. What response was she expecting to get anyway? Was she expecting sympathy and understanding? Cause if so, she is an idiot. (pardon my French)

  3. I am making an assumption here, and I certainly don't mean to apply this to ALL women who fit into this category...She probably met him in highschool. Which means not only is she young and still figuring out who she is (which may or may not include the Marine,) it's also likely she hasn't dated a lot. In NO WAY do I think what she's doing is justified and I do not think she should break up with him simply because she's lonely, BUT, we all know how hard this life is. Some people don't mean to choose it (like when you fall in love in highschool and it's them only life you know) which makes it that much harder.
    She is wrong, but I can see why these "dilemmas" come about...

  4. One of my best friends is in the military and I've gotten more enjoyment out of time on the phone, sending funky letters and chatting over aim-like platforms w/him. Distance doesn’t mean much, and everyday should be like Valentine’s Day if she's really into him. Hopefully he finds someone not as self-centered and needy. Ay yi yi.


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