Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer is Here!!

My summer is FINALLY here!! As you may already know, I'm deep into my program as a Masters student in Social Work.  I have been taking summer classes (which makes it seem that I hide under a rock most of the time!)  I am back from the cave and can finally say that I am DONE with my summer classes and am now FREE to go to the beach, read, go to the pool, hang out with my love before the stress of the wedding hits!! I am so excited!!

Here's just a bitty preview of my awesome time that I had with my awesomely patient 
photog Susan Solo for my bridal photo shoot!

Hey! Did you notice? Those numbers makes up the date of my wedding :)

51 days away! 

This is a picture that Dave's mom took on her iPhone during the shoot. 
She has such an eye for this stuff!
Isn't Annapolis just beautiful?


  1. I love Annapolis!! So beautiful...can't wait to see your wedding photos! Enjoy your much deserved break this summer!

  2. Gorgeous pics!! Yay for being done with classes!! Enjoy your wonderful summer break!


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