Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chop Chop my hair!

I am so excited but last week, just two weeks after our wedding, I did what I haven't done since Middle school! I cut my hair up to my shoulders!  I donated 2 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.  Everybody asks why I didn't send it to Locks of Love (that's another story...) and let's just say that I considered my options.  I was nervous but more than that, I was SO EXCITED to have it go away so that somebody could benefit from it!

My hair is pretty straight, as you can see.  I had them chop 5 ponytails worth of hair off (they need 6 for a wig), and then they gave me bangs!  Then they set me in curlers!!


It became a bit of an afro once it dried but I'm loving it and so is my Husband!


  1. It looks so cute on you!(^__^)

    I just did that to my hair too! Wasn't able to donate it unfortunately because I fried it WAY too much! :-/

  2. It's super cute! Thanks for the info on Pantene's... I want to donate but I don't think I can for locks of love's requirements, I can make 8in for Pantene's though!


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