Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super Secret! Wedding plans!!!

I have been hush-hush about the details of our wedding so far but a few AMAZING things have happened recently so I'm excited to share them with my fellow wedding-planning brides to be as well as with people like me who just love to look at wedding stuff!
Amazing thing #1 
I ran into a new wedding magazine that I did not know existed.  I seriously thought I had every single one that hit the stands, I was WRONG! Take a look at this! I love that they have great invitations for much less than most places. Their decorating ideas are FAB-o!  Go hop over and visit GetMarried NOW!

Amazing thing #2
I've been looking for a place to get glass/acrylic garlands so I can have this:

I'm sorry that I can't remember where I pulled this picture from!! YIKES!
But isn't it GORGEOUS???

So I've been searching high and low where I can find such a pretty back drop and lo and behold! Shop Wild Things has exactly what I want! And the big pieces dangling at the bottom are named after the Sex and the City girls!!! How amazing!? So, naturally, I ordered the garlands AND a set of the "Carrie's"!!!!!!!! So stinkin' excited!! WOOT WOOT!

Amazing Thing #3
I ordered some awesome 2 foot, decal version of our wedding logo (created by Molly DST) from Wonderful Graffiti! I plan to put those decals on a painted canvas and display them around the wedding and reception!


Have you heard of the SoleMates? Have you sunk into the grass wearing cute high heels? No longer!!

Did I mention that I'm SUPER excited right now?

Yippeee! Let me know whatcha think, k?



  1. Oooooooh! Exciting! Did I mention I majored in Recreation, Tourism, and have a specialist certificate in EVENT planning?

    I LOVE this kind of stuff =)
    Helps that my wedding was only 7mo ago, haha.

  2. Reina!! Isn't Get Married Magazine AWESOME?!?! I've gotten so many little good ideas from there!

    AND, your logo is amazing! Congrats!!
    Love, Lindsay G. (soon to be L.)!

  3. Awww that's so awesome that you found all these things for your wedding! I'm approaching the tail end of my wedding planning (with two months to go) so most of my stuff is done. I wish I had known about that sooner!

    P.S. That's awesome you're getting married on my birthday! =)

  4. I'm at my internship, so I can't read this post right now, but I am SUPER ITCHING TO! Please please post wedding fun. It's wishful thinking on my part, I post wedding stuff and I'm not getting married. lol.


  5. All of these things are gloriously fabulous! Those crystal drop garland things are amazing!!


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