Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday (ModCloth)

This is my first Wishlist Wednesday! What I really want is a BEAUTIFUL looking blog so that I can enjoy blogging every day!  That is in the works folks, so that's my #1 item on my Wishlist wednesday... however, I have pretty things to share as well!

I want to add these to my Wishlist Wednesday! It's all ModCloth!
Oh isn't it beautiful? This is the Blush and Bashful dress from Modcloth. I've contemplated getting it about 6 separate times! I want to wear this to our wedding after party!

If you want something though, you need to snatch it up, or else somebody else will and it will be GONE!

This is the Fashion Democracy Dress. Oh how I love the bow! I think it would be a perfect 4th of July or Homecoming dress!

Thoughts?? Any other ones you love from Modcloth?


  1. You should get the top one, esp. if you want it for your after party. Plus, you could wear that one over, unlike a wedding dress =)

  2. They are both fabulous! I love ModCloth.

  3. Super pretty! I've never heard of ModCloth before...I'm gonna have to check it out! I love the dress for the after party! ;o))))

  4. I love them both!
    The first one is perfect for after the wedding.
    The second has to be my fave, I just love the bow and the colors!

  5. Thanks for the support, girl! *love* love love modcloth...i vote that you get both!

  6. I love modcloth, but every time I decide on a dress they are always sold out! it makes me so angry!! Lol...anyways both dresses are darling but I especially like the second one!! Beautiful!!


  7. Wow thanks for the introduction to modcloth - those retro bathing suits are ADORABLE!!! Too bad the prices aren't :(

    I'm obsessed with the polka dot black bathing suit...I love the use of real sizes too!

    (btw I surfed here from Brandi's site)


Your comments bring me sunshine! Thank you. :D

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